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Traktor Kontrol Stand For Kontrol F1/X1 Announced

Native Instruments announced this morning they’re producing a stand to elevate their controllers to mixer height, the Traktor Kontrol Stand. Borrowing heavily from the shape and form factor of the Traktor Kontrol Z2, the stand will allow a Kontrol X1 or F1 to mount on top of the frame, and rocks rubber feet on the bottom that will likely ensure the controller doesn’t fly off when jamming.

The Kontrol Stand will also double as a case with a protective top, allowing the controller to fit inside of the frame. Smart industrial design from Berlin that reminds us of the older softshell Kontrol case that also doubled as a stand!

Case mode activate!

The stands are shipping now in the DJTT webstore now for $49

[via Native Instruments]

  • Robert Francis

    Could fit you 2 side by side on a Mashine Stand?

  • Armando

    The main reason behind that price tag is probably the mold for that aluminum extrusion. Because it’s a single piece of aluminum and it’s very wide, NI had to put alot of money to put into it. Most factories can’t even extrude aluminum more than 8 inches and the mold for this thing is 11 inches wide.

  • Pepehouse

    “THE GREAT DJ SCAM” They give you all kind of overpriced toys for djing but never give you the gigs, what’s the point of spending thousands for djing alone at home? I see lots of articles talking about gear but few talk about music, specially GOOD MUSIC.

    • seb nz

      yeah – where are all the websites that talk about good dance music…perhaps i need to look harder but i think you make a good point

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but how does it *sound*?

  • Johnm

    If i had not just bought two of the soft cases, I would consider this.
    But not at $60. maybe half that price….
    Buying 2 of these at full retail would be about the price of an X1..

    I have better things to spend my cash on..

  • I can see it being good for a permanent install, but if you’re gigging around then you’re better off with the softshell.

  • What a cash grab. So it serves the same purpose of the bag, except that the bag pulls double duty. Are they going to come out with a separate bag to transport the stand too?

  • Gefahrenjunge

    definitely over priced and it fits only exactly for the Z2….but what about my s2 ?

    I got another version of a stand for the x1/f1. in my opinion its way better, because of the angle. (price: about 30 euro )

    I got no picture, but I use it in this video ->

  • For 60 bucks I would expect cable storage as well as a deck saver and some NI stickers or a skin for the x1/f1

  • A slick looking stand, sure, but prices for NI’s stands are consistently outrageous.
    Even at half of that price I’d still take pause before buying it. Sheesh.
    Truth is, these should have been included with the compatible products from day 1.

  • Phillip Diaz

    and this is pointless being that the X1 case already does the same job (case+stand) for less money! and it fits a X1, or a F1… two midifighter’s spectra or 3d’s…

  • I’m not dropping $120 (I need two) on those stands. It’d be nice if DJ accessory companies came out with their own. I’d be stoked on a DJTT version for $35 that came with some chroma caps bundled in. Just a suggestion.

  • but you can’t store your cables in it

  • Prof_Strangeman

    Yes please. 😀

  • Guest

    looks very nice but pricing is outrageous.

  • Snipaz

    Over priced in my opinion. Sure, it looks nice but really, it’s a stand. I found something that performs the same functions at the local Dollar Store. I could find a lot better things to spend $60 for my music set…. Like putting it towards a new Midi Fighter Spectre or Behringer moduler controllers 🙂
    Lots of people will buy it, but I think the price is ridiculus for what you get.

    • Behringer moduler controllers or…
      Behringer moduler controllers or…
      Behringer moduler controllers

    • Nog

      MSRP. NI always has higher values listed than actual sell points. the Z2 is listed at $900 and i can buy one brand new for $700 since 2 weeks after release. It will probably be $40-50 new, although still pricey. I agree with your point but don’t think it will be $60 to purchase lol

  • I had always planned to buy the soft-shell X1/F1 bag, so Im definitely in the market for one of these! Now, I have to use books to lift my X1 to the height of my Xone 22.. :/

  • Count me in!!! Especially at that price?

    • Conall

      you think that’s cheap?

  • Definitely interested… Once I get my Z2 from you guys first!

  • DJ KA Poland

    I was waiting for it 🙂