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Video: Richie Hawtin vs. Deadmau5 Set at SXSW

A few hours after Richie Hawtin and Deadmau5 sat down for a conversation on the state of electronic music production and performance at SXSW 2013, they joined forces onstage to perform a collaborative “versus” set. The set involved both of them onstage mixing with their own setups concurrently.

Pretty awesome that these two got together to perform – and while we’ll have to wait for the official video to come out to really experience it, an initial video has surfaced on YouTube of the first 11 minutes of their set. Watch the video below (be warned, the sound quality leaves something to be desired) – it starts getting interesting around the 5 minute mark!

  • Frasier Linde
  • GAR

    I recognise the Hawtin elements but as I am unfamiliar with Deadmaus’ music I couldn’t identify his input. My question to those of you who know the answer….I generally tend to like Richie’s music. Do you think I would like Deadmaus? To be honest, the image of him wearing the mouse head has put me off ever checking him out… Should I give him a go?

    • absoluto

      go for his older stuff… do not even bother with the last two lp’s

      you may like the “at play” compilations he has

    • Well, his wayback stuff was pretty much IDM, Random Album Title, his first real album, is tech house, with some vocal trance-progressive house cheesealongs, “Lack of A Better Name” goes more in the way of electro but still some tech house style stuff there too. 4×4=12 was pretty much plain electro, and his newest stuff is kinda freeformy. Play Records made 3 albums of his techno and tech house songs released at Play Rec over the years, nicely titled “Deadmau5 At Play”, theres 4 volumes, check every one of them out.

  • deadmau5 is really digging this i can tell.

  • mike

    You know your legit when you use cinder blocks for stage presence! haha

  • Mike

    You know your legit when you use cinder blocks to hold your equipment down! haha

  • hardcoreplur

    its too bad the video wasn’t taking with a lumia 920 or pureview 808, or another phone with HAAC tech inside it. they were front stage with a good view.

  • Mother of distortion.

  • Daniele Papini – Church of Nonsense <3