• Frasier Linde
  • GAR

    I recognise the Hawtin elements but as I am unfamiliar with Deadmaus’ music I couldn’t identify his input. My question to those of you who know the answer….I generally tend to like Richie’s music. Do you think I would like Deadmaus? To be honest, the image of him wearing the mouse head has put me off ever checking him out… Should I give him a go?

    • absoluto

      go for his older stuff… do not even bother with the last two lp’s

      you may like the “at play” compilations he has

    • Well, his wayback stuff was pretty much IDM, Random Album Title, his first real album, is tech house, with some vocal trance-progressive house cheesealongs, “Lack of A Better Name” goes more in the way of electro but still some tech house style stuff there too. 4×4=12 was pretty much plain electro, and his newest stuff is kinda freeformy. Play Records made 3 albums of his techno and tech house songs released at Play Rec over the years, nicely titled “Deadmau5 At Play”, theres 4 volumes, check every one of them out.

  • deadmau5 is really digging this i can tell.

  • mike

    You know your legit when you use cinder blocks for stage presence! haha

  • Mike

    You know your legit when you use cinder blocks to hold your equipment down! haha

  • hardcoreplur

    its too bad the video wasn’t taking with a lumia 920 or pureview 808, or another phone with HAAC tech inside it. they were front stage with a good view.

  • Mother of distortion.

  • Daniele Papini – Church of Nonsense <3