That is the first time I’ve heard or read of Joel ever giving respect to another musician, or any person for that matter. Maybe there is hope for him after all.

  • The Machine Department

    Also, a bunch of people talking about ‘lack of personal style’ and originality through the medium of quotes from the two seemingly taken as gospel is pretty funny. Just sayin’ is all…

  • Mr.Laforce

    Doesn’t “versus” actually mean “against” in the sense of a dj-battle? It sounds hardly possible that “versus” is meant in a collaborative way…

  • Realist

    can we just call it dance music please. None of the EDM nonsense.

    • EDM,, brrrrrrrrrrrrr. I’m from Europe and I think it’s really funny to see how electronic music gets bigger and bigger in the US. it seems like most of those people who are raving about EDM never heard of Detroit techno or Chicago house, it was like 20 years ago and EDM was nowhere. LOL

    • tys

      i love the term EDM – it instantly lets me know the person talking has very little clue about the genre beyond commercial electro house

    • its just the surface name for anything electronic i guess

  • tr4gik

    Joel Zimmerman u douche

    • tr4gik

      OK nevermind I thought Joel was gonna’ say something douchebaggy like always .. :P, good he still has some humility in him and respects Richi.

  • Max

    ok how about you guys do something together and put 50% of the BS EDM playing now out of business, you should, we need some original music, filthy beats and stranger than fiction sounds, we need music that means something, music for the soul, and you two are the BEST ppl to do that, enough commercial rappers with commercial DJS making shitty ass commercial music


    • Look into Andrew Bayer.

  • dillinger23

    Who is my comment and link being deleted??????? DJTT has become a censorious behemoth money and attention grabbing whore.

    • Spacecamp

      Dillinger, all of your comments are below – trust me, we don’t have the free time around here to censor comments. Sometimes Disqus sees comments that are just a single link with no text and marks them as spam…

    • lol

    • Sonson

      Watch out for the flying Legos! This wittle tike just had himself a temper tantrum.

      • tr4gik


  • dillinger23
  • great interview from these qoutes, cant wait to actually see the convo…

    So true now, as a DJ your taught that “This goes here and that goes like this and thats how you make a setlist, if you dont make it this way then your bad.”
    Half the time they can be right but its that 50% of the time when their holding back any new ideas of how a DJ should work.

    Im just speaking as a DJ btw, not a producer.

  • dillinger23
    • thats a terrible excuse of an article… theirs just so many butt hurt people who are happy to moan but not happy to show an alternative

      • You know that The Daily Mash is basically the UK equivalent of The Onion, right?

  • anyone film the whole interview?

  • Can this be found anywhere?

    • Spacecamp

      The event was not streamed – but may have been recorded! We’ll keep our eyes out.

      • ah. hope someone snapped a few good clips. cause It would be awesome to hear the whole thing/part of it.