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  • hayaka


  • Ivan

    I can’t believe I actually paid for this.

  • wasykes

    Fuming, I bought the ipad version on Saturday!!!

  • Luis

    After playing with it, I can say that Thanks I didn’t pay for this, it just Sucks!

  • Brainbeats

    All mixed up…
    Sucks if you bought this recently, but cool if you wanted to try it out…

    • ed craft

      Can you tell me how to stop the app from running. it’s zapping my iPhone battery as it’s running in the background. Thanks!

      • zberger

        double click the home button on your ipad/iphone and then exit out of the app

  • Luis

    Wow I was about to pay for it this morning to try it!!!! Glad I didn’t, now I have it for FREE Thank you NI……now I feel bad for those of you that bought them……I don’t think it was to promote the Z1…..it was due to low sales only less than 19 reviews.

    • Brotha Onaci

      Yeah, i was surprised that it had such a low number of reviews (maybe the result of relatively few users?). I figured that the ppl who already tried it would have plenty to say about it’s merits and weaknesses.

      • ed craft

        Can you tell me how to turn the app off? It’s runninng in the background and zapping my iPhone battery power. Thanks!

  • Dazzer

    What about those who spent good money on this? Not impressed

  • Blackbeard

    Well what can you say, THANK YOU ;D

  • Anonymous

    Hehe…thanks for the tip. Downloaded now! Feel sorry for those who paid tho…


  • AcquaCow

    Well, there goes my productivity for the day… lol! Thanks!