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  • Fabio Braga

    Is it possible to sync 2 launchpad app from different iPads ? For a complete integration on a performance, mixing the libraries of the 2 iapd on a dj mixer or smthg like this ?!

  • Elliott Kim

    You can port audio out of LaunchKey to most iOS DAWs via Audiobus, but LaunchPad remains an island with some interesting inhabitants (The Dirty Electro House and Downtempo sound packs are a great.) The LaunchKey also works with my Akai LPK25 and Axiom Air 32 Mini, but mapping of controls is limited (or I could be doing something wrong).

  • leavesremix

    I haven’t tried the apps yet (no ipad) but I did try out the Launchkey 49. That was a big disappointment! I think they look great and the feature set is very nice. But the build quality was crap. It was so cheap feeling and all the knobs and faders were wobbly and felt like they would just snap, and I’m not hard on equipment by any stretch of the imagination.
    Launchpads are good (but the S seems a little pricey costing almost double of the original) but I would steer clear of the Launchkey!

  • jay.soul

    they’re both great apps to play around with. haven’t tried them out and about yet. They have been around since April though, not newly released 🙂

  • Marquee Mark

    Should have a video next time, but I appreciate the review!

  • theo void

    I LOVE my Launchpad! I’ve had it since it came out 4 years ago and have used it in the studio and to play live w. Traktor among many other things. It seems indestructible!! They really should have added a few things on the new version! RGB would have been amazing! WTF?

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      … and velocity sensitivity. It seems like Novation is way too committed to these bi-colored LEDs. The Twitch is a freaking AWESOME controller made way ahead of its’ time. It’s time to see what Novation has been planning for the Twitch 2.0. RGB, velocity sensitive buttons in a 4×4 grid? Multicolor LEDs in the touchstrips with edge control? I am prepared to be wowed.

  • abe

    I have a problem with the v-station software, even though it’s in the right map and scanned by the DAW, it doesn’tshow up in the list of plugins in Ableton live lite and maschine in Windows 7. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
    Thank you very much!

    • abe

      Great review btw!

    • DJ_ForcedHand

      I think it’s because you’re using Live Lite.

  • calgarc

    the launchpad app is a really cute toy 😀 i love using it, but at the same time i would rather use my launchpad itself

  • steve

    solid review, I’m downloading the apps right now, this is why I read you guys everyday!