• the BEATPAD is very interesting, but I’m wondering if there is a USB MIDI Sync?

  • Raymond Maybet

    imagine the repair cost on this contramption im good sticking to the almighty Technics

  • Stephen

    I would definitely try my hands out on that reloop midi keypad. Thats kinda my thing.. midi keyboards, midi fighters, launchads. etc etc yada yada. Nice damn price too.. Id love to check it out at guitar center sometime,.


    SL1200 was near audiophile quality and cannot be dethroned. Newbie DJ’s can’t even afford a used Technics 1200 for $250…Why would you pay $800 for Made in China Junk? This Reloop turntable makes no sense. It’s basically a Gemini Turntable with a cheap controller fitted into it. Sell it for under $250 and the newbies will eat it like cake.

    • Mike Joe

      pretty sure its german, no?

  • richard dj handless

    The rp8000 is a mix between a technics akai padcontroller or novation dicers and a standard oem. And the last one is for 80% of the unit…. It brings nothing new, and the áccurute pitch’is just a gimmick… The arm is still the shitty oem-arm, and theb technics buttons don’t fit the picture. It’s an nice looking oemand, with a build in dicer…..question:do i feel the need to switch turntables…..no. I have dicers and don’t use them for once.(scratch mostly) and if i want those function i take my denon sc 3900….. The motor in the unit has far too fe sensors to use 2 digits….just nonsense I would like to see new oems with a better motor and a better arm and better adjustable feet…. It ain’t a bad player, but i don’t feel the drive like my denon sc-3900 to have one….or you have to be a hardcore normal(not scratch)dvs turntable
    dj, but i don’know anybody which would use hem in that way….those are the nexus guys…
    I’m waiting for the review….maybe they’re great…..
    The price is much more then the stantons(in the netherlands) and vestax

  • blindmosquito

    What a great move, I had a similar idea. I like vertical cue points.

  • Jimmy Burn

    keypad is cool

  • Jimmy Burn


  • Guest

    keypad is swet!

  • Reloop


    here are the official prices & availability:

    > The Keyfadr will be 119,- EUR / 115,- GBP
    > The Keypad will be 159,- EUR / 145,- GBP
    Both including Ableton Live Lite 9 and available early October!

    > The RP-7000 will be in stores for 429,- EUR / 425,- GBP
    > The RP-8000 will be in stores for 599,- EUR / 585,- GBP
    Both will be available this Winter!

    > The Reloop Beatpad will be in stores for 449,- EUR / 395,- GBP
    Will be available this Winter!

    USD prices will be announced shortly, please contact our US
    distributor AM&S for further details:

    • Jose Piz Nav

      Price in USA for > The RP-7000 will be in stores for 429,- EUR / 425,- GBP> The RP-8000 will be in stores for 599,- EUR / 585,- GBP

  • W

    DJTT – Please make sure you find out the wow and flutter of the RP-8000 and how it may have an effect on the ‘digitally controlled pitch’ – this is an important detail they (Reloop) have missed from their website which will be a massive factor in determining whether this Turntable could compete with the 1200s…

    • W

      WOW and Flutter ratings are on their website now. They claim to be 0.01% WRMS – that’s the same as 1200s… Shit just got serious…

  • tothecloudd

    i wonder how the vibration factor will affect the spinning vinyl with the needle lol

    • Daggers

      Vs what? Look at how much vibration is involved with beat juggling and scratching already. Also it was never an issue with dicers users. You’re more likely to see a needle skip due to a best juggle.

  • Otto Garcia

    Actually Reloop has posted in his Facebook Page the price for the Keypad: 159€. No kidding. And it will be available at autumn 2013. I just will buy one.

  • Jose Piz Nav

    Note: This one has the same OEM roots of the STR8-150 that runs for $599.00, so if the UK price is £585 then the approximate US price for the RP-8000 will be around $930.00.

    That is not cheap considering you need two, so lets see what happens.

  • Jose Piz Nav

    Reloop – Solutions for DJs RP8000 @ 599€ // RP7000 @ 499€

  • Jose Piz Nav

    good job reloop very nice turntables !!!

  • DJ DannyBreakfast

    Do you think the RP8000 Turntables would work with Traktor?

    • DJ N3rdPorn

      Yeah!! It’s MIDI so I believe we’ll see mappings very soon…

  • Bijanstein300

    That turntable looks amazing! Hope you can use it with traktor too! Z2,midifighter 3 and a pair of those RP-80000 will be my next set up

  • tretuna

    Seriously may have finally found a new set of turntables! Wow! Nicely done Reloop, now I want to see a review of that beautiful piece of work.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    Something tells me Angelo Tun and Ronan Carney have had a good hand in designing that new turntable… Like it

  • KIO

    I’d be very interested reading a DJTT round up of 2013 flagship turntables

    • Dan White

      We’ve put in a request 🙂

      • MAMware

        what happened to the vestax controler one

      • ithinkmynameismoose

        Can you also do an up to date Traktor vs Serato please?