• Dr Beatz

    Anyone had any experience working with webcams and USB hubs? I am using the vizzable 2.1 suite in Max4Live and trying to get a few cams working, in addition to my controllers. Had my first gig with new setup this last weekend, and of course, webcams and one of my controllers failed at showtime…OUCH. It all worked prior to gig WTF.

    I would love to hear anyones comments on using a lot of controllers (5+) in a live setting. Any luck with running them as MIDI instead of USB (aka powering all devices and daisy chaining via MIDI I/O ports, vs connecting all via USB).
    I think for a larger number of midi controllers, this would be ideal, but have yet to test it out.
    I am searching for a 4-7 port live solution. It has to work flawlessly, price is not an issue if performance is stable and consistent.

  • Ajzen

    I‘m using a 7-Port USB 3.0 hub from HooToo. It’s bus-powered, it will works as either a powered or unpowered hub. Also, I enjoy the design of the spacing. Plus, I get mine from Amazon for $40, it worths every peny.

  • Tyler

    I use a 7-port Kensington PocketHub, has never failed me. I usually choose to plug it into external power when I’m using it live but it works even without the power supply (with my current configuration, not all 7 ports filled)


    Help me understand this, please. If my comp usb 2.0 gives out 500mA/5volts + connect a non power usb hub= usb hubs get each 500ma/5volts or usb hub divide ports by 500ma/5volts for each usb port? OR power usb hub all usb ports get 500ma/5volts all the time. Are you splitting the power from the usb computer onto the each usb port on hub?

  • Jallmadak

    Industrial grade USB hub, for when you really need stuff to work no matter what: http://www.moxa.com/product/UPort_404_407.htm

  • Hugh

    it’s worth mentioning that many monitors (including the one pictured at the start of the article) are powered USB hubs. Not practical for the road but in the studio you can get 4 powered ports out of it and i have never had any complications with it.

  • djfreesoul

    Why can¨t Apple (or any other manufacturer) put more USB ports in their computer? Even my aunt (who is not a DJ) needs more than 2 USB cables.

    • J Crenshaw

      My non Apple has 4 USBs.. So “Any other manufacturer” would be incorrect.

      • djfreesoul


  • Morgraw

    A little question: how much energy needs a powered contoller like the S4? And to use the CDJs in HID mode? 😀

  • Manus

    So let me get this straight. I could have a 13 usb port (like I do) But if I am trying to pull to much power from my usb hub it will be ineffective?
    I am currently setting up my studio again after being on the road for a while and have a 13 usb hub. I think I will be overdoing it alot from the list of things I am aiming to plug into it.

    Usb port 1. (Going through a 13port usb hub)
    Audio 8 Soundcard
    Akai MPD 24
    Akai LPD 8
    Midi Keyboard (M-Audio Keystaion 49e)
    Iphone Charger
    3tb Powered External Harddrive

    Some of these things can be powered for instance the midi keyboard, usb hub itself, external harddrive, akai mpd24, Printer. Does this make a difference to how much the ports can carry?

    Port. 2
    Traktor S4

    • Manus keep in mind that you are starting out your connections as you said with
      “Usb port 1. (Going through a 13port usb hub)”
      from that original point, you are only going to get the 400 – 500 needed to power devices
      now afterwhich you are splitting things. You can only get the 500 at a time through that port so if you have 4 other devices after that inside the 13port area, which need say 500 solid full time, you are asking for trouble if that port is now POWERED or those devices dont have an AC adapter plugging into the wall.
      Make sure you can grab power from as many places as possible but do remember
      “The more cables and connections you have in play, the more earth noise you will see”

  • Ezmyrelda

    Now, I have never gigged or toured with this. http://www.thinkgeek.com/product/e2d2/?srp=7 But I bought it with the express purpose of gigging and that said it has worked well within it’s capacity.. It’s powered.. and comes with certain caveats based upon what device you are using.. But the only hub that has ever worked worth a crap for all my midi controllers without fail is the one on my Z2.. I believe this has to do with cabling and power. It’s out of stock at thinkgeek but if you see them around it’s something to consider… and maybe discuss the finer points of.. just throwing possible options out there.

  • Phil Rennie

    I think that Thunderbolt speed should be in gigabits (Gb) not gigabytes (GB)
    20Gb/s = 2.5GB/s, and it’s only 10Gb/s in each direction on a channel for 20Gb/s of duplex data.

  • Boris

    I use the MondoHub – $89

    USB 2.0/3.0, 28 Ports 🙂
    Costs a lot, but no more problems with too many devices having to share a slot 🙂

  • Morris Summers

    Why aren’t MULTI-TT Hubs mentioned? Multi-TT Hubs are very important for Artist or Studio use!

  • Paul

    I used the Plugable 7 port USB 3.0 hub that’s in the picture and it doesn’t get along with my Macbook pro retina. When I plug in certain NI equipment (Audio Kontrol 1 and maschine), my computer immediately shuts down and restarts. I switched back to a small belkin 4-port powered 2.0 hub and it works great! Plus it costs $10 or less.

  • Ewan Collins

    Also, the Kontrol Z2 has a built in powered USB hub.

  • D3RKIN

    The measurement for speed is off for both Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 they are measured in Gbps which is bits not bytes, GBps would be bytes. Big difference between bits and bytes…

  • Filippo

    if you don’t want to have problems for a 4 usb hub buy another power pack… same voltage, but increased amperage… my sitecom hub has a 1 mAh 5V power pack included.. i bought a 2.5 mAh 5V.. i use 2 xone k2s (aggregate audio interface of k2s) external mixer plus Maschine. in the first usb port i plugged in the first k2.. and in the second port, the hub with the second k2 and Maschine… low latency (10 ms)… never a problem.. i spend less than buy an high quality hub… my sitecom costs 7,90€ and the 2,5mAh power pack 15,90€… 😉

  • lanceblaise

    Been using this Multi-TT hub for the last 5 years with no problems ever! Was recommended when I first joined the boards here.


    • Fexus

      I’m also using two of these hubs, but I still tend to get issues with > 10 USB MIDI devices attached. Is anyone using hub(s) with more than 15 USB devices connected, without any glitches? For instance an NI Audio10, launchpad, MF3d, keyboards, orbit, USB hard drives, mouse/keyboard, etc.?

  • Professorbx

    The biggest thing to mention is a Multi-TT hub. When you don’t get a Multi-TT hub, the fastest device falls back to the speed of the slowest-if you have a USB 2 and a USB 1.1 device plugged in, you get USB 1.1.

    Fun fact, the Behringer CMD-MM1 is a Multi-TT hub.

  • Plus one for the Plugable hubs, I was using a USB2 one, and now a USB3 hub by them and they work great. Never had an issue.

  • Gábor

    Great article. One thing to correct: shorter cables doesn’t improve USB latency at all, cable length has no effect on this.

    • David Schulman

      True, the difference in speed with shorter cables is negligible to us humans. Going over a certain length though is what should be avoided.

      • Matthias

        More specific: The speed of data is not affected at all by length until the certain length, this is purely limited by the chips and other calculations on both ends. The propagation speed of current in copper wire is close to the speed of light.

    • Ian

      Correct, what it should say instead: Shorter cables reduce interference. They do so simply by being shorter. A cable is in effect like an antenna and tries to grab radio frequencies from the air. The shorter the cable the less RF interference you get simply because your ‘antenna’ cable is shorter.

  • RockingClub

    Anybody here is in the know of another, maybe a bit less pricey, Thunderbolt usb hub or docking station already, apart from the Belkin Express Dock (299 euros)?