• klubjunk

    pretty sad this has only got posts form 3 years ago.
    says it all

  • Name

    I just upgraded my s2 to the new s4mkII. Been using it for the past couple weeks and I love it. Finally tried it out with the Ipad last night and its AMAZING! I have no complaints at all. The slice function def should be in Traktor though…possibly next update? I also like the fact that the Ipad charges when connected to the S4.
    At the end of the day I prefer using my laptop however having the Ipad as well makes for an excellent backup solution if anything goes wrong at a gig.

  • Erik Ev_L

    I agree that NI does need to add some serious updates to the computer end of things, however Traktor DJ has been a god send for me. Having a bad back from a car accident, carrying less and less to a gig has never become more important. And I’ve had more crashes on pc and mac laptops than I can count. And yes a laptop has more power and potential, but an iPad is quite convenient for some one like me, all be it that I am the minority. I do still have TSP2 set up, wouldn’t get rid of my decks for the world.But it’s nice to see a “pro” level offering. Way better than anything Numark at least.

  • Diego

    for me is sad that ni has taken the ipad road… i understand that the touch capabilities can add a new digital dj style but to launch the 2 “upgraded“ kontrol s4/s2 (that are supposed to be professional controllers) with this as the fundamental improvement just isn’t enough and in terms of power its a setback (good laptop is still much better and complete than and ipad). Hope to see soon a new product that changes the game or the only thing y would ever buy for this company is their stickers…

  • mock

    i really dont know why i should use a shity i pad with small harddrive and traktor dj when i can use a windows tablet or ultrabook with traktor pro . Win 8 has great touch support and all i see is things for apple devices.

  • me

    Wish they would at least leave the apple-focus and release the software and its features on other plattforms, too. Traktor isn’t worth buying an iPad or using itunes.

    • Traktor Tips

      I hear you with this – they really are focusing a lot on iPad – what if Apple discontinue their standard 9″ iPad and only manufacture the iPad mini? (unlikely in near future, but hey)

  • bassphreaK

    freeze mode needs to be put into traktor pro ASAP.

    • Dan Owen

      I posted a decent sized response but then had to register for more bullshit so I will just say I agree… oh ya, also…. NI needs to start focusing on their long time loyal customers. EVERYTHING lately is a cash grab for new customers. Ya sure, shut up take my money… but really tho, too many updates, not enough upgrades. Booooo!

      • Dan White

        On our site you can just check “post as guest” when writing a response 🙂

      • MAMware

        i agree with you, they seem to be all about profit now, got to become the classic capitalist company, then our money goes for the already millionaire “top” djs for a comercial………. the clasic style of djing cant be more complicated on this *new s series