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  • DJ JoGray

    If we can integrate ITunes with DJ2 offline, that same privilege would be awesome with Spotify

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  • Maxy

    Hi all, can this work with Spotify in offline mode? as the premium subscription allows now for iPads etc.

    • Dredknot

      i have a IDJpro…you can not use the controller in offline mode…Spotify (the app from the app store)will allow to set up a previous playlist that download to the IPad directly…This is the offline mode

      • Max

        Hi, bit confused, if I have cached Spotify playlists on my iPhone that I can play offline can I use the Djay app to mix those offline playlists without a wi-fi connection, I dont want the match feature or other things just mixing two songs without Wi-Fi

        • Hein van der Wielen

          Nope, you need a working internet connection even if you have the files stores on you iPhone. I just tested it for you….

  • ThePhanatik116

    Please, Traktor, make our lives easier.

  • allstar720

    The fact that this app won’t record in stereo when you are using headphones to split cue is stupid. All these dj apps are best suited to making mixtapes on your own and djay 2 insists on recording to mono for no good reason. I hate this app for that.

  • DJ Gerard

    One question though, can you play music off of iTunes iMatch even if it isn’t on the device itself locally but only in the cloud?

    • Toontown

      No, it says:

      “Track not available. The track cannot be played because it is not downloaded from iCloud. Please download the track in the “Music” app by tapping the iCloud icon next to the track.”

  • DJ Gerard

    I will get it AS SOON AS either you can use ANY MIDI controller with it OR they integrate Spotify for use with the MAC Djay program and not just ios

  • Marcio

    Hello all ! I’m using Djay 2 for two and half years. Iam a Spotify Premium user for a year too. I would like some info about the spotify legal terms, using this integration. I can or can’t use this feature in my gigs on the clubs? Either spotify support or Algoriddim have answer my question

  • Dan Blacklock

    Does this work with the Traktor Audio 2 Mk2?


    Wow! I’ve been playing with this all day. At the very least, this will change the way I do pool parties this summer. FYI, if you’re a student Spotify is only 4.99/month.

  • KingArt

    I signed up for Spotify Premium at last because of this.

    • Mar 1

      I’ll be doing the same as soon as this comes to Serato

    • Toontown

      That was Spotify’s motivation to finally get this done. djay has double the users of Spotify, so I’d expect a sharp increase in users at the beginning.

  • chris

    the bpm-analyzis from Djay is one of the best detectors routine. (i had feed it)

  • Jeff Chiarelli

    I get why you can’t record a set when you are signed into Spotify, but cant I get the record option back when I sign out of Spotify. It seems like a bug. Anyone have any thoughts?

    • KingArt

      Wow Let me check out this issue. Sounds pretty serious for not being able to record post signing out.

      • Jeff Chiarelli

        The Djay folks responded to my question and said if you load 2 iTunes tracks on the decks then record will re-appear, which I guess makes sense, it just seems like it should reappear when you sign out of spotify also.

    • Frederik from Algoriddim

      Just switch the music source in djay’s library back to iTunes and make sure no Spotify song is loaded on either deck, then the record option will be back. Enjoy!

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  • Bigbeatzz

    Traktor, where are you?

    • Traktor seems stuck and can’t make agreement with #1 streaming service Spotify