• Seth GZ

    the download doesn’t work anymore.. is there anyway i can get it??

  • Chris

    Can anyone tell me if you can create intros with Abelton Live 9 Intro version?

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  • Thanks! first attempt at using ableton, you made it very straightforward.

  • mellonhead

    i’d love to see a dj edit tutorial that addresses the sound quality loss that occurs throughout the process. for example, taking an mp3 into ableton means 1 level of re-encoding. next mixing it down to anything less than 32-bit adds dither and more encoding, finally making it an mp3 again applies another step. it’s actually very much like photocopying multiple times.

    • hey mellonhead. Just read your reply but im curious. What is it exactly that needs to be addressed? the problem is that the producer would be starting with a sound file with insufficient quality (mp3) and convert it then convert it again.
      If starting with a WAV from the original sound file, there would be no issue of loss

  • abeO

    I haven’t got ableton but can i make an intro from logic?

  • Thanks Ryan. Well done.

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  • Eduardo

    This is what I came up with, cool little project.

    —> http://www60.zippyshare.com/v/60015392/file.html

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  • jason u

    The person is cutting the waveforms with the scissors the wrong way lol

    • its the right way if you consider that he is SLICING not cutting HAHAHA

    • i do wonder though. is he going to use GLUE To paste them? or real paste?

  • SixOne

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a tutorial on how to remix tracks or do it with acapella’s in ableton or even a tutorial on how to DJ with ableton. I have Live 9 but have yet to dive in. This would help me get started.

    • Cool, doing remixes in Ableton is something i’m just getting into but hopefully I can come up with something for you in the near future.

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  • Zach

    No worries. They’re good! I’m a beginner in ableton and know very little about it. I’d like to learn how to take the drum sounds from a track to create a fill to help with transitions. I’ve also struggled I understand how to utilise my maschine mikro with ableton. I watched endos video on how to set it up but haven’t managed to start recording and playing beats in ableton (very beginner)

    • Cool, using Maschine and Ableton together is another article I had in mind, stay tuned!

  • chris

    wher is the Goose bumps?

  • Zach

    This guy is does some of the best ableton tutorials I’ve watched. Succinct and useful. Perfect. Could I request a video on how to make you own dj intros? the ones that let the crowd know you’re behind the decks)

    • Great idea, Zach. We’ll look into making this happen ASAP. Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Juan Lopez

        It could also be a vocal that can be used as a “One Shot” over your newly created instrumental intro !!! – Juan

    • Hey Zach, thank you for your comment, means a lot =). Something like that would be outside my area of expertise, but what else would you like to see in Ableton?

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