NEW VCI-100 mod and the “super” crossfader

As many of you know, I have been working on a special layout for the VCI-100 that is in the beta stages. You can download, test and give feedback on the current version here. In the mean time I stumbled on this crazy midi mod that got me REALLY excited (which is rare) so I wanted to share it. I mix externally with the vci-100 so all the central controls are dedicated to effects. However sometimes I need to quickly cut out a song and I have been using the input faders to do that by engaging the reverb to 100%. Each channel fader engages the reverb, fades in the mix and then at the top freezes the effect. So, if you quickly flip the fader up you get a really clean cut with a cool reverb tail. Then I was thinking instead of 2 faders, what if the cross fader did the same thing for both decks but in opposite directions? So when you move the cross fader to the left the right decks cuts out with a adjustable reverb trail and when you move it to the far right the left deck cuts out with a reverb tail?

With a lot of creative fiddling in mid pipe and PRESTO. The first fully functional reverb/audio cross fader that I have ever seen. It cuts just like a regular cross fader but now with this awesome reverb tail. Its also configurable so there is no reverb and the effects are acting just as a perfect cross fader, so even though I am mixing with a real mixer the fader on the VCI-100 still works for cuts. Sick! And it will be all yours soon!!! Did I mention I added a pair of foot switches to my VCI-100? Check out the video:

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