Dj with your track pad? The Mac-Book Air.

Today apple released a surprising new addition to their already impressive line called the “Mac-Book Air”. The thing that caught my attention though is not the size but the new mouse pad that incorporates many of the gesture movements that you find on the I-Pod touch and I-Phone. Basically, multiple finger combinations and finger movements allow for very precise control over many different aspects of software from a single track pad. Several years back some very smart guys created a site that converts track pad data into midi so you could do basic things to your dj software with scrolling and moving your fingers on your laptop. Now if these guys manage to also convert these new gesture movements, then we are really onto something here!

Sadly, it does not look so good though. The “FinaMIDI” people have not updated the software in nearly 3 years and just recently they posted this ominous message:

2007/01/25 – FingaMIDI Development Ceases

Having finally got round to investigating the possibility of updating FingaMIDI to accommodate the newer (USB trackpad) machines, I have decided that it is not feasible to continue with the project. Unfortunately, Apple do not publish source code for their USB trackpad driver as they did for earlier ADB versions. This means that continuing with FingaMIDI would necessarily involve developing and maintaining a clone of that driver, a bigger task than all the rest of the project put together and more duplication of effort than I’m willing to take on. Many thanks to all of you who provided feedback and encouragement over the last three and a bit years.

Dont give up hope though, this idea is too good to not happen!

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