An inexpensive way to add advanced midi technology to a simple controller

One of our active users, Matt, brought this great little device to our attention. Its a stick on touch pad that is designed to duplicate a mouse surface on your keyboard. Great for your Aunt sally’s desk job but its not quite enough to get djs in a tizzy. However, if you consider that this device is a HID (or human interface device) and you happen to know about a handy little program called Junxion. Well, then wheels start turning very quickly and my nerd side runs around the house excitedly. You see, Junxion will take ANY HID and turn it into very usable midi data. Translation. Stick this bad boy on your midi controller, program it with a HID to MIDI software program and bingo- instant X/Y pad on any midi controller.

the software converter options

Multi- Control

Stand alone OSX app, free? Difficulty: 6 (1-10)


OSX? Free- requires MAX MSP. It looks simple but I have never used max MSP could be for the really hardcore.

Controller mate

OSX, shareware Difficulty 8 (1-10) wow this thing can do ANYTHING if you know how to program it. downside- only out puts keystrokes so NO continuous controller data.


OSX, VERY EXPENSIVE ($60) difficulty 4 (1-10) this one is easy to use and powerful but pricey.

M-JOY– or MI-JOY (who ripped off who?)

these look to be the best for WIN people- no more info though


WIN- many people said this was good and free but the makers have been kidnapped by spam sites but we tracked down a direct link to an old installer- USE WITH CAUTION!


WIN- no info.

Props must go to the ever informative Create digital folks and Peter Kirn. Their forum was the source of much of the above info .

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