Web Store is Down- Back Up on Monday

Well, this has been an exciting morning and basically our own personal episode of 24 (if only I had Jack Bower to raid the PayPal offices). We apologize for the inconvenience but due to the traffic our servers went down and then PayPal put a hold on our account due to the high volume in purchases. WE had to stop the purchasing process early Friday morning but the webstore will be back up and all problems solved on monday.

If you already purchased a vci-100 Today (Friday)

Your purchase has gone through and you have one of the 100 units. Please disregard the reports earlier that called for a possible refund and then re-charge on Monday. We sent out emails to all confirmed purchases to verify receipt but some people may not have received them due to spam filters. If you received an email confirmation of your purchase from Pay-Pal then you are on the list.

If you did not get a chance to buy one before the store was closed:

The Web store will be back up on Monday morning at 10:00AM Eastern Standard Time (New York). There are still about 50 units left so those that slept in will get another shot at it 🙂

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