TechTools goes Global

If you spend any time in the forums, it becomes quickly apparent that we have a very international group of djs hanging around these parts. A glance at the Google analytics global imaging (above) reveals that we are all over the place! The top countries are US, Uk, Germany, Canada and Australia but we have visitors from just about every single country in the world including Kenya, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, and even Iceland!

So this brings me to my point. Obviously my writing skills are limited to the English language but many of you are in non-english countries. Would you like to share your knowledge and experience of digital djing with others in your native language? Dj TT is working on a system that will help you do just that. It will allow you to start your own site but benefit from the tools, experience and reputation we have already built. While we cant provide much more info than that at this time- If your interested, shoot us a line and we will add you to the beta list when the system is ready to go.

service at

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