The Future of Djing- Video

I recently moderated a panel in San Francisco during the AES convention about the future of djing. Those of you in countries around the world may enjoy the video above which captured the entire program. There is even a special surprise appearance from Toshi Nakama, the president of Vestax, where he gives his take on the future of djing. He brought up an interesting topic about the concept of finding music on the fly. This is one area that digital has not really improved at all and they seem to think the future is in how djs discover new music during the mix. Many other interesting topics came up and as usual we want to hear your opinion on the subject in the comments!

Some of the people that are in the video:

  • Ean Golden (Remix Mag, Dj TT, Dj)
  • Trevor Simpson (Energy 92.7 Dj and Producer)
  • Bill Mitsakos (New product development at Serato)
  • Toshi Nakama (Vestax Guru)
  • Kush Arora (Producer, Dj)

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