Bali DJ Contest Results

Right off the bat- big props to everyone for pulling out the cameras and really putting yourself out there. Even though there are only 3 prizes, everyone really was a winner as this contest brought us together and created a lot of dialogue among the members of our community. This contest was also an amazing opportunity for me to see how each of you use technology in your own personal way.

Every video was watched by the judges and then given a score from 1-5 in several areas based on the following scale:

1- needs some work
2- bellow average
3- consistent with the quality of the competition
4- better than average
5- really exceptional

The judges scores were averaged for a single total in each of the following categories.

  • Sequencing: How well was the mix laid out- did it flow and keep the energy up?
  • Mixing: how clean are the transitions?
  • Tricks: Did you throw any tricks like turntablism or controllerism in?
  • YouTube rating: number of stars x 2
  • Energy: how much energy did you and the overall video have?
  • Difficulty: how hard was this mix to pull off? did you take some chances?
  • Video: how good was your video, did you help us understand your performance?
  • Songs: Are they really exceptional or just average?

Grand Prize:


Runner Up:


Third Place

Dj Unkut

As promised I will be doing a feature article about the finalists and how they have their equipment set up in the coming month. The winners will be contacted directly via email.

Check out all the scores here:

There are a few videos that did not make it into the competition because they had been uploaded before the contest video. The quality and presentation of all the other mixes was very good and I expect that some of you may have made some connections and or even got a gig offer as a result of your entry. If so- tell us about it! Thanks again for making this a very fun event and yes- we do have more planned for the near future that are going to be even better!

We would like to thank our sponsors; Novation, Remix Magazine and Karma Resorts for their contributions.

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