Record Sales down? Make an App!

With records sales slumping and dj gigs for top acts in lower supply, big name stars may have turned to other creative ways to generate income and publicity. The numbers are too small to call it a movement yet but with 2 big djs announcing their own dj “apps” this week its almost time to call it a trend. Check out a Twitter app from Hawtin and a swiss army iphone app from Paul Van Dyk after the jump.

Traktor Twitter

Richie Hawtin, a digital dj pioneer and techno guru, has a wide following of fans and a deep collection of music. Naturally his track lists from live sets are in high demand so he and his label Minus have come up with a solution to share the knowledge, reach out to fans and possibly make a few bucks in the process. Richie is one of the more visible Traktor users out there and has found a creative way to use Traktor’s powerful broadcasting technology to automatically twitter the songs he plays in a set.

Check out this interesting blog posting on Beatportal which discusses the app and its consequences in more detail.

For its generosity, creative thinking and useful nature- we give this (potential) dj app 2 thumbs up.

All in one Dj App

On the less forward thinking tip, Mr. Paul Van Dyk is getting behind a Iphone app that bears his name and offers several functions digital djs may need in the booth. While not officially released yet, there is an awkwardly staged you tube marketing video which shows the different functions you should expect. Paul is likable in the video but you cant help but get the feeling that he is getting paid to put his name on the deal and not the driving creative force like Hawtin.

The app includes:

BPM tap counter
for those nights when you just cant figure out the BPM that the washing machine is actually cycling at.

Frequency Analyzer
This works perfectly of course, because the mic on the Iphone is actually the most incredible flat frequency microphone on the market.

Noise Level limiter
Knowing the true SPL of your club environment is important but how accurate a SPL meter that relies on the same terrible Iphone mic is questionable.

A Seismic Reader
Watch the video and try and wrap your head around how this would actually work because I cant figure it out for the life of me. Not to mention that every DVS software is already equipped with this function, but the difference is they show you the info that is truly relevant, what is actually coming off the needle.

Virtual Glow stick
can anything replace the lighter app?

For the 5 marginally lame apps and a really cheesy marketing video I am forced to give the swiss army app one thumb down.

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