Top American DJs on our Controllers

Its Friday! That means another classic DJ video, and this week we bring you one straight from our own cameras. I went down to LA last week to show a group of well-known DJs the ropes on Traktor and their new VCI-100 Arcade controllers. We sat down to talk about the world of controllers and how it’s changed the game for them. My Favorite line is when Donald Glaude says “This is stuff you imagined!”



Many of our readers are from around the world, so you may not be familiar with some of these DJs, but I assure you that they are all very well respected and have nearly 90 collective years of DJing between them! DJ Dan, Charles FeelGood and Donald Glaude all started playing house music together more than 20 years ago–long before electro was around and when minimal was just techno. They have been steadily cruising around the globe, spreading the music and have managed to stay friends to this day. DJ Aero, who picked up one of our first arcade controllers more than a year ago, tours the world with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee,  putting on an a high performance show where he combines turntablism and controllerism into one very exciting mix. We really appreciate the exposure that these guys are providing DJ TechTools and controllers in general.

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