TechTools Remodel Finished…

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 2 years over 2 years this month since DJ TechTools was originally created. We made a few minor changes over that time, but the design has basically remained the same, as DJ TechTools grew from 10 visitors a month to 200k.  Well, the hour has finally come to make a few changes to our favorite DJ space. With the help of an amazing designer/coder, Tommy the wiz kid, we have started updating the site and improving the way it works. The webstore got a complete makeover, and our blog is now wider, cleaner and hopefully easier to navigate. This is not the end of the changes; we plan on fine-tuning the site  into a well-oiled machine of digital DJ brilliance. YOUR HELP IS NEEDED! Please provide feedback in the comments on things you like/don’t like or suggestions on how we can make the design better. It’s your site too, so let’s all pitch in to make it as good as possible.


In case anyone gets a case of nostalgia: Here are some shots to remind you of how much we really did need a face lift.



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