Dj Craze- Performance and Interview

Hot on the tails of the much talked about Rafik performances comes another NI sponsored Controllerist/Turntablism video. This time its with DJ Craze sporting 2 turntables and an X1 controller. While we are all wary of marketing videos, both of these are excellent routines that should inspire all the young digital djs out there to buckle down and practice like mad. Check out the video and some one on one time with Craze after the break.

Dj TechTools got a few exclusive questions with the 5 time DMC champ on his experiences with controllers.

Dj TT Is it inevitable that controllers and turntables will continue to come together?

Yeah, I think it’s inevitable. There’s not much more you can do with just a mixer and two 1200’s. I think the more important question is are turntables even gonna be around in the future …. yikes!!!

What do you think of controllerism and the emerging style of beat juggling through buttons?

I haven’t really seen anybody but Shiftee and Rafik do routines like that. I think it’s amazing, it’s opening a new level in turntablism that needs to be explored more. All I know is that it’s getting me excited in making new routines again.
In this video your controlling cue points using the X1 but I see you reaching a lot for the buttons. Can controllers ergonomically work into the turntablist enviroment?

In this routine I’m triggering samples a lot. Yeah i think there’s room for more toys in the turntablist work zone. I can’t wait to see a Traktor mixer where they have all the stuff on the controller on the mixer

Many djs watch technical performances and think “thats cool but I cant work it into a set?”  How are you able to integrate performance and mixing smoothly through the night?

Well back in the day is was easier to perform a set and do some routines, nowadays the club atmosphere is more energetic and less spectator …. people think watching routines kills the party atmosphere. I don’t really do that many routines cause of this attitude. But I do know things are changing again ….. I think people wanna see a proper show when it comes to djing again. The fistpumps and wings are cool but djs are gonna have to take it to the next level soon.
Could you ever see yourself moving away from the turntable if the right musical interface was created?

I will ALWAYS use turntables …. when turntables die off … so will I…… and gladly.

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