Midi Fighter Contest Winners and Videos!

After much delay, I finally found some time to pour over the entries to last month’s Midi-Fighter contest. The rules were simple: take any of the songs I used in my 10-minute rock video and mix them together in a unique way. There is no question that the resulting videos are a lot of fun to watch. Each person has collected their own special amalgamation of gear, techniques and sounds that makes every single DJ that entered very unique. That, in my opinion, is the power of digital DJing. Continue reading to be inspired, watch the winning videos, and pitch in your ideas for the next contest!


This contest was hard to judge, but Zac Kyoti ultimately prevailed by hitting the four areas that are close to my heart:

  • Creative mixing: Each blend was unique and some of the tempo changes were very slick!
  • Smooth flow: Even though it was a short video mix, there was a cool sonic journey happening over the course of his performance.
  • Creative use of technology: Routing Traktor into Ableton and then utilizing Bomes scripts to provide great LED feedback is no small chore. This DJ is a music and technology expert!
  • Clean performance: I really appreciate when all the transitions, mixes and effects are done in a clean way with no jarring movements.

Zac will receive the two signed Midi-Fighters used in the 10-minute rock mix. Do you have any ideas for future contests? Please share them with us in the comments!

HONORABLE MENTIONS (in random order)

I hate to be cheesy, but every single video that entered is a winner for putting in the effort! Every DJ that submitted an entry will receive a DJ TechTools press play sticker and Midi-Fighter sticker pack. Just email orders @ djtechtools.com with your video URL and address to claim the prizes!

#1. Great drumming on this one.

#2. Super-creative use of cue points! Especially loving the looped bass-lines.

#3. Using the a cappella in a very tasteful way.

#4. Great scratching-juggle in the middle!

# 5. This video was created with only a mouse and keyboard. Awesome!

#6. The winner of the coolest Jesus breakbot T-shirt award.

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