Fun Video Friday

It’s been a while since we had a light Friday, so here are some fun dj related videos that are light on the thinking but heavy on the fun. Above we have the worlds most excited dj ever (enthusiasm truly is contagious!) and after the break its DJ Shiftee having some fun with the S4 live @ the DJ expo plus a few other fun videos for your Friday!

While we are on the topic of “older” djs. Wondering what it might look like if your grandmother had a late-life crisis and reinvented her self as a electro dj? Wonder no more! TechTools is putting together an article on “dj gimmicks” later this month. If you know of some others, share them in the comments!

Dj Shiftee gets down with the s4 and shows how much fun you can have with just 1 loop and an airhorn sample

We finally got around to shooting a video that explains just what the midi-fighter is. I hope it captures the fun, relaxed vibe of the product we have all come to love and enjoy. Wondering about that lovely controller at the end of the video? Stay tuned for next weeks Friday article where we show those and 4 other customer midi-fighters built by our staff. Just like the picture bellow- we are now offering some very cool matte acrylic for existing midi-fighter owners.

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