Pioneer at NAMM 2012: White DJM + CDJs; DDJ-Ergo-V Working With djay 4

A number of our readers on Twitter and Facebook have been asking us what the latest news from Pioneer is at NAMM, and while there aren’t any major new device announcements to share, they do have a few cool smaller items of note – see inside to find out what the latest is! 

DDJ-Ergo-V Now Plug and Play with djay 4

We’re interested and excited to see how much traction djay has been getting this year- with their role in the new iPad-based Numark controller, the iDJPro. Algoriddim has gotten traction now with Pioneer, and the DDJ-Ergo-V will now ship bundled with not only Serato Intro, but also a copy of djay 4.

Pioneer produced the short video to show off the Ergo-V’s new software skills, which features the most daring DJ we’ve ever seen taking his Macbook Pro and controller out on a walk to practice on the streets of NYC and in the subway below Times Square.

Paint Your DJ Gear White!

Pioneer also seems to be finally jumping on the special edition white train, announcing that they’ll be producing limited runs of 1,000 units of the CDJ-2000-W(hite) and 500 units of the DJM-900nexus-W. They look snazzy, but at a striking price point of about $500 higher than the non-white editions, don’t plan on rushing out and buying ten of them. The CDJ-2000-W has a MSRP of $2150, while the DJM-900nexus-W will run $2399.

Surely Pioneer is hiding something REALLY good in development that they’re not gonna show this year-  what do you all expect is being worked on behind closed doors? Let us know your best speculation in the comments. 

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