Tasty Sample Snacks For Your Weekend BBQs and DAWs

Everyone was so positive about Wednesday’s article and the sample resources included, we decided  to bring out even more goodies for the weekend jam sessions. Download a free sample pack for controllers and get the scoop on our weekly email with killer sounds.


Here is one of Mad Zach’s special sample packs made exclusively for our DJTT email list for free. Every pack is incredibly designed from non-VST sound sources and comprise 16 unique sounds that play well with each other. They are available as Ableton projects and as individual .wav samples that will work in any other DJ sample software- like Traktor!

DJTT/Mad Zach Soundpack 1 (Old Space Dub Tripper) – ABLETON LIVE PACK

DJTT/Mad Zach Soundpack 1 (Old Space Dub Tripper) – JUST THE SAMPLES


Did you know DJTT already sends out a killer  email every other week to our dedicated readers containing all the week’s articles and an exclusive email-only deal on great gear? To make it even sweeter, we started including Mad Zach sound packs like the one above in every newsletter.  Sound like something you’re into?

Sign up here for free soundpacks every two weeks + more in my.DJTT! 


While these soundpacks work great with any 4×4 MIDI controller, from a M-Audio Trigger Finger to an Akai MPD, future DJTT/Mad Zach sound packs will have sound-shaping controls included with every version. These controls are mapped by default to the analog controls on a Midi Fighter Pro or the motion controls on a Midi Fighter 3D. So basically, if you own one of these remarkable instruments, we will have fresh sounds for you to nosh on every week.


Lower Haight Cipher is available in the Mad Zach Soundpack Volume 1 compilation – grab it here!

Tomorrow we will send out this week’s email containing the sounds that Ean and Mad Zach are using in the video above.  It’s a quick improv intended to give you  an idea of the playability and fun you can have.

If you sign up before Noon Pacific Standard Time on Friday, you’ll receive the sounds used in the above video for free, and new ones every week after that!

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