Is This Ableton Live 9? Leaked Screenshots Surface

Spotted over on the Reddit /r/DJs community just a few minutes ago, it’s looking like Ableton might have put up a video showing off the upcoming version of their software and then taken it back down. The video in the screenshots (“Live 9 Devices Master”) seems to be focused around just the new features of the devices section, but you can see in some of the screenshots how dramatically the entire interface design has been overhauled. 

A quick note of warning here: These screenshots are not confirmed at all as being from Ableton. All of the below analysis is just us looking at these screenshots and determining what looks like the new feature set. This is in no way official, so don’t get upset if we guess something wrong!

In this first screenshot, aside from the back of some producer’s head and a mixing board and mysterious controller atop it (anyone recognize what that might be?), there are a few clear changes in the interface. The updated browser section does away with the old style of node-oriented browsing and adapts at least a two-step column view.

In the above two screenshots, we get a closer look at the new Compressor. The unit gets an update and makeover, including auto release, simplified interface, perhaps integrated harmonic compression, EQ compression, and waveform compression.

In this shot that shows off nearly the whole interface, you can see a full screen mode for EQ (all fx?), with “Adapt Q” suggesting an automatic resonance modulation. Additionally, in the top bar, the updated transport section hints at new features in the metronome options drop down.

In this final shot, we see a parametric EQ with pop-out visualizer, and detailed harmonic readings like those featured in the current “spectrum” – allowing for detailed analysis of frequency content with realtime feedback. While there’s no official confirmation or denial out of Ableton so far (they’re all busy, it’s ADE weekend!), we’re excited to see some of the changes that might be coming in this new version – or perhaps we’ve got a big congratulations to a Photoshop wiz with way too much time on their hands.

What do you notice in these screenshots that we might have missed? Are any of you one of the few who got to watch this full video? Let us know in the comments so we can learn more! 

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