Traktor Script: Convert Open Key to Camelot Scale

Spotted this morning over on reddit’s r/DJs, a new script written for Traktor DJs who are tired of using Traktor’s Open Key notation but don’t want to have to spend money and time on a separate key detection software. The script takes a Traktor collection and converts the Traktor-detected key to a Camelot key tag. The author, DJ_Troha, writes:

I decided to write a script that converts the Traktor Open Key scale to the Camelot Scale and writes it to the Traktor collection file so that it can be viewed in the program. This script is a much faster alternative to using Mixed In Key because each track will only need to be analyzed once, as opposed to twice. It only takes seconds to run. If you use Traktor and key match, I HIGHLY recommend you check it out!

The script is available for free download (here on Mediafire) – and in our tests works fine on PCs out of the box. On a Mac, we’re still testing – but you should be able to just open the LibraryParser.jar file after putting it in the same folder as your Traktor Collection (Documents>Native Instruments>Traktor version number) and everything should work properly.

As always, be sure to make a backup copy of your collection before you do anything to it – even a simple script like this! 

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