Little Bits + Korg To Release DIY Synth Kit

It’s always fascinating when two very different companies collaborate on a product – as their specialities and priorities can either work harmoniously or go fabulously awry. Korg and littleBits seem to have achieved the former, with a DIY synth kit that lets synthesizer beginners and affecionados alike combine magnetic-attaching modular elements to make awesome instruments and patches.

Watch Reggie Watts introduce and show off the kit in this video:

The different elements in the synth kit include oscillators, a keyboard, a sequencer, filter, delay, mixer, speaker, envelope controller, and random noise generator – and paired with the suggested combinations of Bits in the kit as well as their basic video tutorials, the elements are likely to be just as much an educational tool as a legitimate instrument.

Some of the elements (Bits) included in the kit
Some of the elements (Bits) included in the kit

The kit is expected to ship December 6th, coming in at a relatively reasonable $159 – learn more and preorder here

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