Ableton Live 9.1 Released: Multiple Windows, Melodic Step Sequencer

Ableton’s announced their first major update to Live to 9.1 this morning for all users of the software. At the core is a multiple-windows feature that was first teased in the 9.1 beta back in September. The feature allows users to dedicate entire monitors to MIDI clip editing, Arrangement view, the Mixer, etc.

The other major feature that came out of Beta was the Push’s Melodic Step Sequencer, which allows for Push users to enter notes manually into a sequencer mode, or play them in and edit it in the sequencer after the fact. The extra-cool part of this step sequencer is it can be used to edit parameter automation in the same fashion – watch Ableton’s video on exactly how this works below:

Finally, many users will be delighted to hear that the rendering algorithm has been improved in 9.1 – including multi-core support, which promises faster exports and renderings of projects when bouncing out to an audio file.

Check out the full feature and changelist for Ableton Live 9.1 and download the software on Ableton’s site. 

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