What If The Kontrol S4 Was A Lego-Like Modular Controller?

Earlier this week we shared controller concepts that never got past the prototype phase, including the MAWZER modular mixer project from 2005. Spotted today in the DJTT mailbox is a similar concept that takes all of the elements that you would find on the Traktor Kontrol S4 + S2 controllers and breaks them into individual modular elements that plug into a base board.

The Unik Kontrol “kit” – all of the elements you could use to build your dream Kontrol unit

The concept, named the Traktor Unik Kontrol, was designed by Pat Zempolich, a freshman design student at the University of Cincinnati. Pat imagines the controller in both Kontrol S4 and S2 sizes – with no individual part on the top of the unit locked to a certain position on the controller.

Want more cue points? Here’s a beatpad-oriented potential layout of the Kontrol S4, designed with a full grid of buttons for each deck. It’s the MPC DJ controller concept from Numark taken to the next level.

Ultimate beatmashing Kontrol.
Ultimate beatmashing Kontrol.

Unfortunately, this is just a concept (see all of the renderings here on Pat’s Behance portfolio) – the Unik Kontrol series is just a dream and unlikely to be a product that NI releases anytime soon. That being said, how would you lay out a Unik Kontrol? Would you buy one if they were on sale now? Discuss in the comments.

Read more: See our rendering of what the Kontrol S4 MK3 might look like. 

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