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  • Anthony Tovar

    something like this would be nice

  • Matthew Seigler

    I want the fretless crossfader and the midifighter uno!!!

  • You’re forgetting the 64 button midi fighter! Something I would buy tomorrow if you made more of them.

  • I love DJ controllers

    The Fretless Fader is so awesome.

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  • I have a Pacemaker. Works. Anyone want to buy it? Twitter me @spencerthayer

  • I have a pacemaker actually. I love it. The latest fan made updates are great.

  • IT

    I want that guitar one!

  • Argh

    Hi guys,

    I don’t know if you already see that one

    Seems pretty cool

  • 3ANGLE

    i hope this was moderated after picking winners because Rafflecopter is not cheats-free….

  • jerremy

    how do we know if we won??

  • Liam Roberts

    Cant wait to see who wins

  • Tony Pagnillo

    I really liked the idea of the Poco Poco. It seemed as if it would make playing it as fun for the dj, as it would be to hear it on set from the crowd.

  • RobPhonic

    Keeping an eye out for the Poco Poco to happen!

  • andrewTwright

    really would be sweet if i won everything would be in great use

  • Jerry

    the poco poco and the midifighter mk2 are the best looking controllers

  • DjFIL

    I loved my Pacemaker DJ, still have it. But Traktor DJ on iPhone has taken over for my mixing on the go. Especially due to the ability to sync metadata with Traktor on my MacBook Air.

  • Charly Charlzz

    I love DJTT , I asked so much in my city music gear stores about midi fighters 3d’s that I was happy to see some around this year , it must be a sign that others then me have asked for some ans that there are fans in Geneva 😉 I hope we will see some 3ds in the all Swizerland !
    I have two suggestion for the midi fighters series :
    (not that there is a need for it but ) 🙂
    1st , what about a midi fighter that have a On-board sound card ?
    2nd, a small ribon control to assign pitch Wheel of plug-in synths or to play the pads with pitch on a single sample ?!?
    anyway the gyro was a great idear !

  • Liam Roberts

    Sick givaway

  • Patric Scheffler

    I´m very interested in these modular Setups, because every DJ would be able to make his own piece of equipment to use only what he really needs.
    Behringer has started something like that but its not so good and not as modular as these concepts.
    So i would really love to have something like that in a few years when its more than a concept.
    A concept controller that defiantly should be here are the Touchboard project in witch you can draw your own controller! This is a very interesting idea!
    And definatly the idea of Midi controller via iPad is very very interesting. Its actually like an modular setup with offers you amazing possibilities to make your own midi device!

    What i really loved to have is these DJTT / BASSNECTAR PROTOTYPE MIDI FIGHTERS controller.
    This would be perfect to trigger all my effects in Traktor with all these knobs for parameters and the buttons for stored effects! And i also could imagine to use it for the remix decks or for abelton i think you can go really creative with this think too!!
    And it looks really nice!

    Greets from Germany!

  • Ichi

    would like to have a customized midi fighter 3d someday. if only this is possible 🙂

  • TheTayCray

    Those midi fighters though, in for dat win XD

  • Efrazable

    It’s called a midifighter pro, and they already sell them.

    • n8r0ck

      no they dont. theyre gone for good.

  • Gingersteve

    I’d love the Otto. Looks like it could allow non-scratching folk to cut and scratch on another level. You could turn a whole sample into a playable rhythmic instrument. Next level.

  • Bill

    I’d love one of theese serious toys..!!..+1

  • Robert Rushing

    +1 please! Any of those controllers would be rad!

  • andrewTwright

    really would love getting the Mk 2, really nice design…


    i would absolutely love to own a bassnectar prototype midi fighter..

  • Ayan Banerjee

    Mawzer Modular DJ Mixer , because being Modular gives you that extra advantage to make changes in every performance/gig , add or spice up things with getting triggers , or maybe in some club environments , syncing the audio visuals all through one interface , and then its highly customisable too

  • bmac

    I do believe that single button design to be the most versitile. I can’t stop thinking of the possibilities/endless hours of time wasting. Fun. Just seems fun.

  • Kyle

    Really wish the The Guitar Fighter & MF BASSNECTAR Version happened!

  • Vader Trackerz
    • Chris

      Wooow, what is that?

      • Vader Trackerz

        a 4X midifighter made by a friend of me for me.
        i make electro live on ableton and for my performance i make 4 classic bus (drum/bass/lead/fx&voices) and on each output i put a different izotope stutter edit with a custom patch dedicated to each bus (so a lot of fun , cause i play already with a xonedb2 , a livid instruments cntrlr a 8 voices korg midicontroller (the little black very cheap but so usefull) and nearly this awesome 4X midifighter (have already a 3D midifighter that i use too ))

        • Chris

          Is your friend not interested in selling such a creation? It looks awesome and a bit crazy 🙂 And you have a nice setup dude, don’t forget it’s not the pricey controllers that make the difference but how you use them!!!

          • Vader Trackerz

            hello, no i don’t think he would like to produce other controllers like that, my friend is very busy and made me this for christmas cause he have to send back money to me^^.
            don’t worry for my setup, he changes very often and i’m midi lover since 13 years now, each encoders or faders is used on my set up 🙂

    • Kyle

      ^That is AMAZING!!

      • Vader Trackerz

        thank you ^^

  • DjTeknique

    That Bassnectar MF is just amazing!!

  • Josh McDermott

    Kenton Killamix mini. I like smooth knobs and illuminated. It is for sale, quite a premium for that quality. Thinking Lemur with this!

  • Alexis

    the poco poco it´s just awesome

  • Thomas Ash

    Love the dicer! Useful & handy.

  • HexValue

    I wish they would have released the Midi Fighter Bassnectar one as like a limited edition model or something.

    • Prof_Strangeman

      It was.

  • Sergi Martínez

    I definetely LOVE the Mawzer concept… It’s perfect. And the modular DJTT Concept seems to be very interesting (as you can see, i love modular shit…;))

  • synaxis

    I would like the Poco Poco or the DJTT/Bassnectar.

  • Mutis Mayfield

    The whirlwind replicator (RZA conspiracy) and midi fighter before controllerism…

    Now, no kidding… 4×4 round push buttons for making sampling control of the turntable… It isn’t remix decks base? It is not the part of this in my pic an early midi fighter?

    Turntablism? Controllerism? Mmmmmmm… 1995 and digital vinyl. Funny.

  • Ezmyrelda

    Gahhhh I want those chromed Dicers so bad. They are sick!

  • Alfred

    the dicers and the bassnectar/DJTech midi fighters are so sick!

  • Charles Maublanc

    Numark MPC DJ insead of new tracktor s4 can be a better choice.
    What about the reactable ? i know that’s not a concept for now, but it can have a place here.

  • Patch

    Goddamn I want those chrome Dicers…….!

  • Trystan Rose

    I think the Numark MPC DJ is the best. Funny thought, that a lot of new controllers have performance pads

  • Ryan Sullivan

    The modular DJTT concept is great, although I understand the expense involved.
    I just wish someone would design an all in one solution for ableton live still. The apc40 is still the closest I’ve seen for mix control and clip launching. Still need to checkout Push properly but it looks like it’s mainly for sequencing.

  • Prof_Strangeman

    I own two of the Bassnectar Midi Fighters. They are so totally amazing! Maybe I’ll win a third! 😀

  • ThePhanatik116

    Oh gosh, those Midi Fighter Mk2’s. The model customization of the Midi Fighter Classic/Spectra with the LED buttons of the Spectra/3D? DJTT, PLEEEASE continue working on this product. Don’t get me wrong, I love the MF3Ds, but for those who love to mess with faders and knobs, this could be a really fun piece of equipment.

  • andrewTwright

    That BN controller is so sick! Ever since the first time i saw him with it I just had to know where i could get one…

  • that bass nectar controller. damn son, where’d you find this :O.

  • DJ_ForcedHand

    Strangely, I think the MPC DJ and Poco Poco would work well right now… they were probably just a little ahead of their time.

  • sadness

    I am infinitely disappointed the aurora mixer died.

    • lyninx

      i’m selling a couple of units that i built if you’re interested!
      contact: dennis@lyninx.com

  • meeeeee

    aww man — no mention of the most immense production flop in the history of high end — THE ALLEN AND HEATH XONE VALVE V6 and MODULAR CROSSFADER ASSEMBLY — i would actually buy one now.

  • Zense

    I always loved the Numark MPC Dj and i was the owner of a Ns7 when i heard about Akai and Numark so i was specting something like that,

  • Stewe

    Not just dicers are rare but would also finally could help to Patch with some traktor mappings.:)

    • chris

      your pic looks like the quneo

      • Dan White

        It’s actually his entry into the Midi Fighter X design contest I believe.

        • Stewe

          Actually it was one that I made for fun – ended up having more feedback than my real entries. The idea indeed comes form quneo that I had as my old avatar in forums.


  • sammountainman

    defenetley the fretless crossfader. it would give turntabalist routines a whole other axis to work with, without moving their hand

  • Joanne Lynn Benjamin

    while the MIDI FIGHTER MK2 looks nice I wouldn’t mind the DJTT / BASSNECTAR PROTOTYPE MIDI FIGHTER as a vision impaired deejay i could see it on my studio desk and I do have the room

  • Just came back to say, nice article. Haven’t seen text this long on DJTT for a while.

  • Herr Snigel

    There was a video of the Poco Poco uploaded a week ago, and in the comments they said that they’re concidering crowd funding!

  • corneilius

    The Otto Loop Slicer could have changed reality as we know it. Live glitchop performances could have really benefited from this bad boy. We exist on an alternate time line and Dr Who and/or Dr (Doc) Brown are hurtling through space and time to correct the space time continuum to a reality including the Otto; while we soar aimlessly into the oblivion of an Otto free existence.

  • LER

    Really wish I could see the fretless fader used by some big time artists, like DJ Abilities. That would be so practical and make for some really intricate cuts!

  • Robert Wulfman

    Midi fighter twister kind of replaces the poco poco doesn’t it

    • Herr Snigel

      Honestly, the twister doesn’t look as cool…

  • konradical

    Personally, I’d like to see any kind of modular controller come to life with the option of customizing a module from off the shelf parts.

    There’s one midi controller that was kind of interesting that I actually have a prototype of somewhere in storage. I can’t remember the name offhand but it was the days before USB, maybe 96-97. You would wear it like a guitar but it had this weird shape, kind of like a flying V guitar cut in half lengthwise. there were two pads that you could play like if you were playing slap bass and i think 8 membrane buttons at the top of the neck piece. The button would define the midiCC or note and the thumbpads would send the midi on/off/velocity signals. I think there were only a few dozen or so of these made and AFAIK they never went into mass production.

  • Onno Suave

    WOW – The BASSNECTAR PROTOTYPE MIDI FIGHTERS really looks perfect!

    Perhaps a bit big, but other then that…it seems to be anything & everything I would ever need to complete / compliment all kinds of DJ-setups:

    examples one: as an add-one controller for the S2
    – The BN Prototype MD could be used for extended cue point / remix deck control,
    to control the individual Deck-filters (since the S2 doesn’t offer control of the cue point + remixeslots at the same time and is missing deckfiltercontrols) & Keys as well as FX-Units 3 & 4

    example 2: as an add one controller for the Z2 or for a regular Traktor DVS Setup
    – In this scenario I’d also use the The BN Prototype MD for (extended) cue point / remix deck control, to control the individual Deck-filters & Keys as well extended control over the FX-Units (since the Z2 f.ex.only offers on set of control for one slot per FX-Unit).
    Furthermore if one wasn’t using a hybrid midi-mixer such as the Z2 one could of course also map sync and other functions to the controller!

    Really wish that one was for sale!!

    Anywho, as for what you guys missed…..hhm…

    WELL, one controller that I totally dig, but that never made ist to mass production and only seems to be available in Japan is the PICratchBOX:

    Other than that, I’d love for Korg to make a Korg Zero 4mk2 as well as for Mackie to make mk2 versions of the d2/d4 mixers!
    I doubt it but…..one can always dream!

    • Prof_Strangeman

      I own two of the other existing prototype Bassnecter Fighters. They are awesome.

  • joyner

    i want the uno!!!

  • DJCataract

    I’d say the NS7II was the final design for the MPCDJ, they just changed the location of the pads 😛

  • Chris

    Midi Fighter Pro with more encoders and faders, that’s in my opinion the way to go!
    The Midi Fighter MK2 is not an innovation, it seems like a cheaper built MFPRO with fewer controls!!! I really miss the metal casing…

  • Edward Midgley

    Would have bought a Midifighter MK2

  • halfheard

    The otto loop slicer would be a fine addition to the madness.
    dj halfheard

  • Jake Hale

    I was seriously hoping for something like the MFmk2… with RGB buttons. I thought it was inevitable.

  • Anski

    Why does it always have to be flat? Some ergonomically-curved surface covered in arcade buttons might be kind of beautiful.

  • sean

    The Numark MPC DJ looked dope, and was hyped a lot- it’s a shame it never made it to the market, I’ve seen a lot of DJs haul MPCs and turntables to throw both into a set; that would’ve made it easier for them

  • David Mantel

    I’m so stoked you guys still have that Uno. My finest hour, to be sure. You guys are rad for continuing to bring it up.

  • Dmob

    It would be really cool if you guys did some sort of midi controller workshop to teach to shed some insight on the controller building process

  • Stephen Stecker

    I really wish a commercial version of Amplive’s Guitar Fighter was available through DJTT. It not only has that “wow factor,” but also would be great for live performances. All too often DJs are staying down at their controllers or laptops, missing out on opportunities to face and interact with the crowd. After seeing Ean do this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gb1OERPm3LY, I was hoping to make or grab one myself. It’s not too late DJTT!

  • Andrew Orlov

    Hi, Ean! Hi everybody! First of all I think you must create a MidiFighter MK2. Back to oldschool. BUT. Please, add some faders and knobs into MF. For example< I think the most ergonomic controller is M-Audio Trigger Finger. Cause you have 4 faders for trakcs volume and 8 knobs for FX. That means you can use it with different software like Traktor for 4 decks control, Ableton in the same way. If you can build universal controller, I think it will be great. Just add to MF Spectra 4 faders, 8 knobs and 4 buttons for banks. And of course you must build really good software, like Livid uses.

    Thank you and good luck!

  • Prashan DubStep Pillai

    The MIDI FIGHTER MK2 would be the one i would want to bring to life.

    With that being said, this whole article gave me an idea for turning the MIDI FIGHTER MK2 into the MIDI FIGHTER Total Control (MFTC). it would become the one stop controller that can do it all as far as Traktor Pro Dj is concerned.

    I’ve included a badly photoshopped pic to explain my madness, but for starters i would change the volume fader to a Vmeter and change the knob into 4 mini buttons that could be used to trigger decks/change active deck. I would add in the MF3D motion, and add in a sound card with a master out, headphone out and a mic in/monitor out with a switch and you have the perfect controller.

    The Set up of the rest for Traktor would go as follows:
    The 4 rectangular button on the top can be used as a 4 bank select. What this means is when you are in deck 3 or 4 you have a ready to go remix deck and when in deck 1 or 2 you have 3 banks of effects and the 4th bank can be used as (bottom set of 8 arcade buttons for 8 cue point triggers, the next set of 4 arcade buttons can be used for loop intervals, and last but not least the top 4 arcade buttons can be used as [from right to left – Play, Cue, sync/flux mode, shift]). The 4th bank that i mentioned will be the default active bank for all decks only difference when deck 3 and 4 are active all the buttons are in remix deck mode so the first bank is the first page, second back is the second page so on and so forth. The VMeter would be able to reset to each decks volume and a nice visual vu meter on the controller makes it all the better. The right and left motion controls the dry/wet for effects and the forwards and back motion will control the filter for the active deck.

    I think if you had this on sale tomorrow you guys would out sell all the other “full size controllers” fosho.

    Its weird how inspiration works. ~ Dj Stolen Words

  • Paddway

    That Numark MPC DJ would have been so sick if it had of came out!’

  • Kai

    I always thought that it would be cool to have a potentiometer that also pushed down like a button, and the PocoPoco is almost that. I could definitely see using it in a creative way… but that Otto – that looks bloody phenomenal. Too bad it’s not being developed, or I’d totally be on that.

  • Joe Carroll

    Not a controller, but still an awesome device that didn’t catch on – the Red Sound “InFader” DJ mixer, with xfaders for high, mids and lows. I still have one, and would totally use it if I ever ditch the controller for physical media again.

  • Livid

    Slight correction, the Bass Nectar controllers he uses now are custom units Livid Instruments designed based off of the 60 works controller, which was based of the DJTT controller 😉

  • Luiz Zen

    The modular MIDI controller looks interesting! Actually it is what I have been looking for some time 🙂

  • Kino

    I’ve wanted that fretless fader for SO LONG

  • Josh Crow

    As much as I love Bassnectar, I love that controller even more. That is a beautiful piece of kit.

    • Prof_Strangeman

      I can testify that they are beautiful.

      • Chris

        Amazing!!! If you decide to sell one, i would buy 🙂

        • DJ HID


      • Tom Wenger

        looks like a DJTT version of the F1

      • Jacob Stadtfeld

        Did you decide to sell one of these, good sir? Because I just ordered one.

  • Vader Trackerz

    a friend of me is making for me a 4Xmidifighter ,will post photos when finish ^^

  • Rene Bosland

    Anything modular would be nice. Every DJ works different, so why use standard mixers or controllers?!

  • GetCarter

    Lovin the Midi Fighter Mk2, A nice clean & simple design everything the Midi Fighter stands for in my opinion, Would have defo grabbed one of theses……………

    • JD

      +1 for this.. Would love one of these

    • opadave

      Another +1, clean and simple…

    • LongTimeGuest

      I would trade in my MF3D for one of these in a heartbeat!

      • LongTimeGuest

        I would use that fader as a tempo fader for when having to transition between songs of different tempos. I tried using the motion control on the MF3D to control tempo and it was kind of cumbersome to get the tempo exactly where i wanted it. But having a tempo fader knob to go with the MF3D would make it more complete to control a single deck.

        • Marcel Mono

          And another +1, the motion on the MF3D is a bit over the top sometimes. I would love to lay my hands on one of those MfMK2 🙂

    • GuestoTheGuestRobot


    • guest01

      i hope this was moderated after picking winners because Rafflecopter is not cheats-free. I hate that “app’..

  • BartOsh

    Totaly agree, Imagine this as club mixer replacement with 4 chanel line faders and x-fader. DVS users could have just this one in between players/turntables.

    • Chris

      Yeahhhhhh that’s the point BartOsh!
      Personally i think the Midi Fighter Pro is one of the best controllers that i own because of its build quality and all the possibilities that it gives but i always thought that more encoders and faders could simplify the life of many of us!

      • BartOsh

        Exactly!, Like on Numark MPC – central mixer section only – but built by DJTT. Definitely would be the weapon of my chioce

        • Chris

          That would be awesome…

  • Chris

    The DJTT Bassnectar Prototype is the craziest controller i ever saw, i would kill to have one of these in my set up 🙂

    Cheers guys


    • Prof_Strangeman

      They’re baller my friend! I own two of the other prototypes! 🙂 Hope you win!

      • Chris

        You are a lucky man, but how do you got them? If they take too much space on your desk, i can help you and grab one of your hands 😛

        • Prof_Strangeman

          DJTT had them in the “Clearance” section of the store. I just happened upon them and scooped them with some graduation present money. They are HUUUGE, I love them too much tho. 😉