Serato Pitch ‘N Time DJ Expansion Pack For Serato DJ 1.6

Serato Audio Research has been developing their Pitch ‘n Time plugin for professional studio use since was first founded back in 1998. At that time the plugin was used with Pro Tools to alter either tempo or pitch on an audio file without adjusting the other. Now, Serato is bringing Pitch ‘n Time to DJ software directly allowing DJs to speed up or slow down tracks to “extreme tempo values while maintaining its key perfectly”.

Pitch ‘N Time DJ will be available as an exclusive plug-in in February with the release of the 1.6 version of Serato DJ – which is also the release that will bring support for Rane mixers and soundcards out of beta testing.

Also coinciding with the 1.6 release will be a new pack of iZotope FX available for purchase, this time the “Jet” pack that promises to be “trippy, spacey, and rave-infused”, featuring effects named Shepard Filter, U.F.O., Space Verb, Bass Ducker, & Noise Pulse.

The new FX pack and Pitch ‘N Time DJ each will cost $29 USD – more info over on Serato’s blog.

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