Traktor Audio 2 Updated: iOS/Traktor DJ Ready

We’ve known about the new MK2 edition of the Traktor Audio 2 since last November, but Native Instruments is finally making the full announcement today, complete with quick video showing off all the potential use-cases for the tiny sound card:

Worth clearing up – NI is referring to this new version as the “Traktor Audio 2” – while the older model was called the “Traktor Audio 2 DJ”. There’s no official MK2 in the new name – we’ve just included it here for clarity’s sake.

A few changes to the actual audio card itself. On the line outputs, the max output level has been raised from +9.6 dBu to +11.7dBu,  their frequency response changed from 10 Hz -40 khZ to 20 Hz – 20 kHz,  and the cross talk has gone from -87 dBu to -105dB. The audio outputs continue to be 24-bit Cirrus Logic converters – with two stereo 1/8″ (no longer 1/4″) outputs with their own volume controls.


The Audio 2 is class-compliant, and works as a plug-and-play device for Traktor DJ on iPad or iPhone. There’s also a new optional power adapter – which isn’t required for any setup, but when used alongside iOS devices is increases output volumes and charges the battery of the device (same as the Kontrol Z1).

One final note – the $99 price is cheaper than the original Audio 2 DJ at release back in 2009, which ran $119. The difference is likely that this new soundcard doesn’t include a complete version of Traktor, just a LE version and a e-voucher for $50 / 50 € / £44 / ¥ 5000.

Want to grab one for yourself? They’re in stock in the DJTT webstore – purchasing from us helps keep the blog running and great new projects moving forward. 

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