Routine Breakdown: DJ Rasp + One DJ + VCI-400

Launched last year, One DJ has been a slow builder in the DJ software world that attempts to combine live decks and timeline editing into one (read our full review here). They’ve recently put out a brand new routine video of the software in use in a live performance setting, with DMC/IDA champion DJ Rasp behind the controls on a VCI-400:

The routine itself is cool – but we found ourselves asking through out it “What is actually happening here?” – so we reached out to Audio Artery and Rasp to get a better idea of what’s being controlled live, and how it all works. First, here’s the deck-by-deck breakdown of what’s being controlled:


Rasp sent us this play-by-play of what happens in the video itself – with timestamps for each major action:
0.10 The routine starts with a layered backing track on deck C (this plays up till 1.28, I use the other 3 decks to trigger, effect, loop & scratch over the top of the routine)  *There are 7 layers of drums, percussion, melody, cinematic sounds & bass all arranged, edited & prepared within the DAW feature then saved to play as a track (note that the backing track has space for beatjuggling/finger drumming & various other parts)
0.22 Triggering bass on deck A
0.27 Trigger bass on deck A whilst finger drumming & using loop roll on deck B (deck C is playing in the background)
0.28 Loop roll on drum on deck B
0.44 Cue point beatjuggling using deck A & B with loop rolls
0.54 Scratching on deck A
1.07 Cue point trick using melody on deck B  & bass hit on deck A & occasionally using a filter
1.26 Trigger ‘Cut Like A Guillotine’ vocal sample, backing track continues on deck B & stops on deck C (switch from using deck A & B to C & D with deck B continuing to play the backing track created & prepared in the DAW feature)
 1.28 Juggling & crabbing the cue points of melody on deck C whilst effecting a loop of a tone on deck D with flanger (note that I push the tone to create a varied pitch)
1.51 Adding delay then bashing buttons (on deck C) hardcore til the end 🙂

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