Numark Mixtrack Modified: Midi Fighters Replace Jogwheels

Spotted last week on Twitter was this crazy modified Numark Mixtrack controller from DJTT reader Zach Willett, with the jogwheels removed and two Midi Fighters dropped into the chassis. We wanted to learn more, so Zach sent over photos of the construction process and a few more details on the actual mod itself.

The Mixtrack's innards removed
The Mixtrack’s innards removed

The first step was to insure there was enough space in the Mixtrack PCB to allow the Midi Fighters to fit. This required some cutting on the lower Sync/Cue/Play/Stutter parts.

Before and after the Mixtrack's jogwheel removal
Before and after the Mixtrack’s jogwheel removal

(the) next step was to relieve the jog wheels of their duty. I cut the wheel supports out, then measured and cut squares out based on the position of the PCB.

Measuring cut lines and marking them with tape.
Measuring cut lines and marking them with tape.

Once the Midi Fighters fit into place I decided to go the low-tech route and just run 3 USB cords out the back of the Mixtrack.

Midi Fighters mounted in the cut chassis.
Midi Fighters mounted in the cut chassis.

Screw everything back together and you got a MIDI powerhouse in one tidy package. The brunt of the mod took about a week of on and off work. I compromised the functionality of a button on the upper right part of the Mixtrack, due to running the USB out of the Spectra (blocking where the button would impact the Mixtrack’s circuit board.

The final product: all working properly!

Done something similar? Let us know in the comments below – or read this article on the best MIDI controllers for DIY modding.

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