Marc Houle How I Play Interview + Livid Prototype Controller

Marc Houle is not a DJ—in fact, he’d be the first to tell you that he’s never really learned how to mix beyond fading one track out and another in—but that doesn’t mean he can’t rock a club. His live show, which he brought to MUTEK’s stage a few weeks back in Montreal, consists of little more than Ableton Live and a TC Helicon vocoder, but his piece de resistance is a special prototype controller made by Livid for a Minus Records tour a few years back. He gave us a look at how it works, and told us about his new album, in today’s video interview.

Houle is a pretty humorous guy. But tracks like his well-known “Techno Vocals”—which lampoons the de rigueur act of dropping a low-pitched robotic voice over a standard techno beat—only hint at that side of his personality. Fortunately on his most recent record, “Cola Party”, self-released on his, Magda’s, and Troy Pierce’s Items and Things label, there are plenty more examples of his hilarious vocal stylings to enjoy—and he treats us to a few live a cappellas in this video.

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Also, check out some Marc’s latest work in the Soundcloud widget below:


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