One Button MIDI Mapping Contest and Tutorial

Today’s article comes from two ideas in the DJ TechTools article idea pool. First, how would you turn a play button into a “turntable stop effect” on non-turntable controllers? Related to that idea, we are excited to launch a “One-Button Mapping” contest in which everyone is invited to submit their best ideas for modular macro mappings.  These are highly functional mappings that layer many useful functions onto one button so you can add them to your existing controllers for a little extra performance action.

To enter the DJTT single button MIDI mapping contest, upload your mapping to (Use “One Button FX” for the controller)  and then post a link to your mapping in the comments of this article! We will publish a list of the best ones on the blog next month.

  • Contest Ends: End of September
  • Prizes: DJ TechTools controller of your choice (3d, twister or even a rare spectra!)
  • Judges: Ean Golden and DJTT staff
  • Criteria: Usefulness of mapping, creative application, number of votes, downloads and likes.
  • Software: Any kind of dj software that supports multiple mapping files.

Also, we like the idea suggested in the comments – map the button to the keyboard “V” key so that anyone can test the mappings without remapping anything!

Finally, if we get enough crazy submissions then I will take all of your mappings and combine them into one set of super buttons for some real fun!

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