Recording On-The-Fly OverDubs Using a Simple Effect Trick

Today we explore one of my favorite techniques for working in drums into a live dj set. Playing drum fills on a Midi Fighter 3D and using a specific Traktor effect to loop, extend, and modulate them. Done correctly, this becomes a powerful tool for any DJ looking to add a bit more interesting elements to their sets – so watch the full tutorial inside to get started.

Here’s a quick overview/review of Ean’s main concepts in this video:

  • Use Reverb and Peak Filter to spice it up
  • Use Beatmasher before reverb and filter to record/loop your fills (no decay – stays constant)
  • Add a T3 Delay and turn it all the way to the left to have a long echo that slowly delays out and gets quieter
  • Record a Beatmasher roll and feed it into the T3 delay (this can get really wild quickly – use with care!)

Want to see how Ean sets up his DJ gear? Watch the full How I Play video here.

Want more great Traktor effects tutorials? Watch this one next!

Do you use Serato DJ? Is there a comparable Echo that provides the same effect? Tell us in the comments.

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