Routine: Craze’s Response to #RealDJing

Shiftee and Enferno came out with a comeback to SNL about being a DJ. A-Trak is on a mission to separate the real DJs apart from the ones who just press play and throw their hands in the air. Today Craze released a new scratch routine using two Technic 1200s, a Kontrol Z2, and Maschine MK2 that demonstrates his turntablist skills and how he fits in as a DJ. The video is another drop in the bucket of professional DJs coming out to redefine DJ culture and change the public perception of a DJ. Watch Craze tear up the decks below and see how he responds to the #realdjing campaign.

A New Era for DJs

We all know that there is a lot more to DJing besides mixing one song at the end of another and pressing the play button all night. DJing isn’t easily defined due to different styles and technique but there is a universal understanding in the community that in order to excel as a DJ, it takes as much practice as any other form of music. Whether you are a controllerist or turntablist or any other form of DJ, you come to realize that it takes hours of dedicated practice time to perfect that perfect transition or mix. In my opinion, these routines and public statements from professional DJs are great. It is easier than ever now to become a “DJ” but the public should know what it means to be a professional DJ.

We want to know what #RealDJing means to you? Comment below with your own routine showing us your skills!

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