14 Inspiring Instagram Accounts For DJs/Producers

Unfortunately, you don’t just wake up inspired and ready to make or mix music – it can genuinely take some work to get excited. For a fun Friday article, we decided to spotlight a few uniquely interesting Instagram accounts that we DJTT readers will love.

@RLGrime – RL Grime

Why follow? RL Grime is a well-respected producer (with a serious history – did you know he also is Clockwork?) who posts lots of cinematic shots of the venues he plays – inspiration for your own venue bucket list.


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@biggigantic – Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic is a great live performance duo – consistently posting great images from their shows: walls of LEDs, sweaty crowds, and the occasional saxophone.

Thank you NY for two incredible sold out shows at T5!! Felt so great to be back!! ??????

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 @tychomusic – Tycho

We’re partial to Tycho because he’s such an all around virtuoso: graphic designer, photographer, and musician, he delivers one of the most visually stunning Instagram accounts I’ve seen.

@enterexperience – Richie Hawtin’s Enter Brand

The Enter team puts an incredible amount of care into building a very specific vibe at their parties, and it comes out clearly in what they share on Instagram. It’s good inspiration for anyone who wants to throw their own creative, original parties.

N O W . @richiehawtin @dubfire #C2C

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@musicstudios – Music Studios

There’s a good chance you’re already in the studio browsing Instagram for photos of other studios. Look through some amazing studio shots posted on this account.

 @be_at_TV – Be-At.TV

Be-At.TV is one of a few outposts on the internet with a heavy emphasis on streaming live video from DJ booths. They keep this same perspective prevalent on their photo feed.

@ajrphotos – AJR Photos

AJR is one of many masterful nightlife photographers and he has a great eye for capturing performers, lights, shows, and crowds.

@pioneerdj_gear – Pioneer DJ • Gear

As far as we know, this account is completely disconnected from the official Pioneer DJ. This means that while they post photos of Pioneer gear, it’s often more genuine and less carefully put together than a typical business feed. It’s also just a great chance to drool over gear – case in point:

CDJ-2000 Nexus by @swanflight

A post shared by Pioneer DJ • Gear ? (@pioneerdj_gear) on

@sharooz – Sharooz

Sharooz is a UK-based artist who loves his synthesizers, and you can see it in his account:

First shipment of gear just arrived for the LA studio ?

A post shared by sharooz raoofi (@sharooz_) on

@tomcosm – Tom Cosm

Tom’s an infamous Ableton Certified trainer on the internet – his feeds is full of plenty of Ableton Live and constantly-evolving synth setups.

Setting up for some spur of the moment live production streaming tonight.

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@factmag – Fact Magazine

FACT often find themselves deep in inside of producer studios that most of us only dream about ever seeing – so when they post something good, it’s often as close as you’ll ever get.

??? . #FACTVinylCollections/#FACTMusicGear via @prisongarde

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@alican.yazicioglu – Phallen

This guy has a studio high above New York City – meaning that many of his pictures are completely breathtaking:

Good things take time ? #producer #nyc #analog #studiolife #modular #ableton #synth #FACTMusicGear

A post shared by Phallen (@alican.yazicioglu) on

@kink303 – KiNK

KiNK always has some quirky new gear in his studio that he’s playing with or showing off.

A post shared by Strahil Velchev (@kink303) on

@producercity – Producer City

It’s another great feed of snaps from studios all over – they tend to be mostly reposts from other accounts, so if you see something you like, you can quickly click into that account and see more.

De @jeejuh

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Got suggestions of your own favorite gear-heavy photo posters? Let us know who inspires you in the comments. Of course, we’re on Instagram too and we love to see how you use any DJTT gear – tag us in photos! 

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