Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-RX Now Includes Rekordbox DJ

Pioneer DJ has been trying very hard over the last year to bring their DJ software to every DJ who uses their gear. From introducing a whole second lie of DDJ controllers, to integrating DVS – and now they’re bundling the software with their only pure-standalone gear, the XDJ-RX. Read on for the details.

Rekordbox DJ + XDJ-RX

Starting November 1st, XDJ-RX units will have a bundled Rekordbox DJ license inside of the box with them. They’re estimating it at a $129 value – but in sales, adding a digital product to a physical product is a great way to add “perceived value” to a product in order to increase sales.

If you already purchased an XDJ-RX before this free program started, you can actually claim one using an online form on Pioneer’s site – but if you did already purchase the software, they are not issuing refunds.

What About The XDJ-RX2 / XDJ-RZ?

This is probably one of the more boring press releases we’ve received from Pioneer DJ in the last year. Adding a license to the XDJ-RX isn’t very exciting – but maybe there’s a bit of a story in what it could mean.

Many DJs have asked and speculated about a follow-up version of the XDJ-RX, or a potential 4-channel version in the future. Releasing either of these would naturally take away from sales of the original XDJ-RX – so perhaps Pioneer DJ is making big news out of this new value on the RX in order to move more of their stock before launching a new product. (Editor’s note: this is pure speculation, but not an uncommon business practice in our industry)

One final note – Pioneer DJ often releases puts out press releases in a series – one after another, about 24 hours apart. Stay tuned to see if there’s another announcement tonight.

The XDJ-RX standalone DJ setup is available on the DJ Techtools Store for $1,499 – we include a free Chroma Cable for connecting it to your computer. 

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