Chris Liebing Interview, Gear Walkthrough, and 2 Hour Set

One of the titans of live techno sets is the amazing Chris Liebing, who layers tracks and sounds to create powerful grooves on dance floors around the world. We’ve long respected his technical acuity – and today Native Instruments is releasing three videos that give DJs a better view into the most recent iteration of his DJ setup. Watch the inspiring videos inside and jump into Chris Liebing’s DJ booth.

Chris Liebing Interview

The first video from Native Instruments is a culture piece – it’s Chris talking about his style of performance and how the dance floor works in his preferred genre, techno. It’s not drop-focused, but groove-focused. There’s talk of creating time-loss experiences for the audience – where they get lost in the groove and don’t realize that hours pass.

How I Play: Chris Liebing’s DJ Rig

In the second video, Native Instruments asked Chris to do a full walkthrough of his DJ setup. He’s running Maschine and Traktor in sync, and controlling it all using:

  • Play Differently Model 1 mixer
  • 2 Xone:K2 MIDI controllers
  • Maschine Mikro
  • Maschine Jam
  • Red Sound Soundbite XL (looper)

Two Hours In The Booth

This is my own personal favorite video from the series (although I’m only about half an hour in) – just two straight hours of Chris Liebing playing a set. Watch naturally how he works and crafts a set. It’s mostly a first person perspective in the booth, which is very useful to see what exactly is happening. The only thing that would improve it would be if we could also see his screen at the same time!

Classic DJTT Interview: Want to see Chris Liebing’s previous DJ setup? A classic DJTT How I Play video from 2012 shows off his rig. 

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