Soundpack Thursdays #2: That’s Right by Stoopit Fresh

DJTT’s latest soundpack maestro Stoopit Fresh is back for the second edition of Soundpack Thursdays. At least twice a month, Soundpack Thursdays happens at DJTT, bringing with it a new freely downloadable finger drumming performance pack and a behind-the-sounds video to show off how each one was made. Today’s soundpack, “That’s Right” is now available.

If you’re an experienced soundpack maker and want to get involved, send an email to editor(at)djtechtools(dot)com 

Download the “That”s Right” Ableton Live Pack

That’s Right Soundpack Video

How Was This Pack Made?

We asked the designed of this soundpack, Stoopit Fresh, to share a quick explanation on how he crafted the pack. Here’s what he had to say:

I started off sampling 2 vocal chops from a RnB acapella – one was straight sampled and pitched, the other looped, played and processed.

Next I sampled a handful of drum sounds off the iElectribe iOS app.

The Wavestation plugin was used for the chord strums. I played around with automation on various parameters.

I got a toy flute out from the kids room and sampled a bunch of held notes – then tuned, played and resampled a melody.

I got a nice “That’s Right!” vocal sample off a Batman record.

For some nice textural percussion sounds, I sampled some shakers while playing a video with rainforest sounds, hitting a heater with a metal stick, some paper crackling, a electric kettle and a tambourine.

Soundpack Thursdays is a reoccurring series on DJTT. Here are handy links to previous packs:
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