Soundpack Thursdays #3: Wonky Steppin by Stoopit Fresh

Want some fresh new finger drumming soundpack content? Great news, our soundpack series is back with a third installment. Soundpack Thursdays is a series that gives you new freely downloadable finger drumming performance pack and a behind-the-sounds video to show off it was made. Today’s soundpack, “Wonky Steppin” is the third from contributor Stoopit Fresh.

Want to help make these are more regular thing? If you’re an experienced finger drummer + soundpack maker and want to get involved, send an email to editor(at)djtechtools(dot)com 

Download the “Wonky Steppin” Ableton Pack + WAVs

Wonky Stepping Soundpack Video

How Was This Soundpack Made?

We asked the man behind this soundpack, Stoopit Fresh, to share his notes on how he engineered this pack. Here’s what he has to say:

I started off sampling a couple of dusty drumbreaks through a YAMAHA SU-10 for some lo-fi-ness. I used a kick, snare and hat.
I then sampled some cuts with a pitched noise sample.
I made some nice siren-like sound fx on a KORG Monotron Delay.
Next I routed Mike Gao’s awesome app “Polyplayground” to a couple softsynths and played some chords in.
I freestyled some vocal bits through McDSP FutzBox RE.
The talkbox phrasing was done with my DX21 and a Dunlop HT-1.
On the Zoom H4n recorder I sampled a bag of Skittles, a triangle and knocking some pieces of wood together.

Soundpack Thursdays is a reoccurring series on DJTT. Here are handy links to previous packs:
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