Traktor DJ 2 With Soundcloud, Retina Support Out Now For Windows, Mac, iPad

Traktor DJ 2 – a brand new beginner-focused version of Traktor launches today. It’s set to be the platform on which many future versions of Traktor will be built on top of – so even if you’re not interested in the software from the current feature set, it’s worth learning more about.

In case you missed it, Native Instruments announced had announced a complete rewrite of the Traktor software earlier this year at NAMM. Based on the design and feature set of Traktor DJ for iOS, Traktor DJ 2 is set to be the future of Traktor, starting with a beginner feature set and expanding further as more versions roll out in the future.

Traktor DJ 2 Released Today

Here’s a quick introduction overview of Traktor DJ 2 NI has released today (users can download the app here).

First, it’s a free app on every platform that it’s launching on – iPad, macOS, and Windows. This initial launch works as a standalone software, as well with Traktor Audio 2, Kontrol Z1, and Kontrol S2 MK3 hardware. At the outset, it’s very much a beginner-oriented software release with not too many of the advanced features that users have on Traktor Pro 3 (like MIDI mapping,

What’s really interesting is looking at the features that are included in Traktor DJ 2 but not available in Traktor Pro 3 – it’s easy to see them on the official comparison page here, but I’ve listed the most interesting ones below:

  • Vector waveform mode: this is the only waveform view in Traktor DJ 2, and it’s an important one – a vector waveform will stay the same quality no matter what the screen resolution is – which is important for the next item:
  • Retina support: the entire TDJ2 interface is Retina / high-density display compatible, which means it scales at any resolution and looks great. This isn’t the case with Traktor Pro 3, sadly.
  • Soundcloud Go+ Streaming: This is the first streaming integration to come to Traktor in any form. You’ll need a Soundcloud Go+ subscription ($9.99 / month) to use it, and likes and playlists are available right in the app – just drag and drop any track you want into a deck and spin away.
  • Track Recommendations: This is a continuation of the track recommendation system that was available in the original Traktor DJ. It’s amazing that this never got ported to the desktop app considering how useful it can be for quickly finding tracks that might make a good addition to your set.

Read more about Traktor DJ 2 on the official NI product page.

User Feedback Seems Extra Important To NI

NI specifically calls out user feedback as being particularly key in this new software release. They’re asking for users to suggest features and share feedback in their forums:

To make TRAKTOR DJ 2 your favorite DJ app, we want to hear from you! Whether it’s a feature that will send your sets skyward, or a tiny tweak to the way things work, let us know. We’re running an open user forum during TRAKTOR DJ 2’s first month of release.

Full Overview / Intro Videos

Want to see more of how the app is used in practice? NI have released a playlist series of videos showing it off:

Have first thoughts about Traktor DJ 2? Let us know in the comments below.

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