DDJ-XP2: Pioneer DJ’s New Controller Unlocks Powerful Rekordbox and Serato DJ Functionality

Say hello to the DDJ-XP2 – this is a new accessory controller designed for use in either the Rekordbox/CDJ ecosystem or alongside Serato DJ Pro. The controller not only maintains the original functionality of the DDJ-XP1, but also adds a ton of new exclusive features in each of the softwares it works with. Keep reading to learn more.

DDJ-XP2: A New Accessory Controller

  • Gear: DDJ-XP2
  • Manufacturer: Pioneer DJ
  • Release Date: October 2019
  • Price: $299
  • Availability: Preorders in the DJTT store, now
  • Includes: rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs licenses

There’s no doubt that Pioneer DJ’s original DDJ-XP1 accessory controller released in September 2017 was a smart move. It unlocked a host of additional function for both Rekordbox and CDJ users. Now, the company has announced the DDJ-XP2 – which brings the 32-pad controller to Serato DJ Pro users as well as Rekordbox and NXS2 CDJ owners.

Yes, the hardware is largely identical to the DDJ-XP1 – here’s a comparison image – but the big news is that it is a Serato and rekordbox controller.

DDJ-XP2 (top) vs DDJ-XP1 (bottom) - not much different, right?
DDJ-XP2 (top) vs DDJ-XP1 (bottom) – not much different.

One interesting point: Pioneer DJ has really decided to keep the hardware agnostic when it comes to labeling the controls. Look at all of the pad modes above the pads – they’re not labeled with the intended use, but simply left to numbering. This seems to indicate not only an intention of staying software-flexible, but also wanting to allow DJs to choose their own ordering and customization when it comes to pad modes. Rad – now let’s hope we see some clever mappings for other gear…?

and Serato DJ Pro!? Yes!

It’s been easy to imagine a future where Pioneer DJ and Serato go separate ways. But this new XP2 release makes it pretty clear that that isn’t happening. We first got a sense of this when the DDJ-1000SRT was announced earlier this year, but this new collaboration makes it clear that the earlier release wasn’t a one time thing. The powerhouse duo that is Pioneer DJ making hardware and Serato making software isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The original Pioneer DJ accessory controller of this form factor was actually the Serato-oriented DDJ-SP1 – which made it possible for so many DJs to access lots of great functionality without replacing their core setup. It’s nice to see the intention behind the SP1 return with this collaboration, but we still miss the knobs from it.

Features Of The DDJ-XP2

There are some pretty powerful (and for the moment, a few exclusive) functions that this controller unlocks in both rekordbox and Serato DJ. Beyond the plug-and-play expected functionality (Hot Cues, Beat Jump, Slicer, track loading, key/beat sync, etc.), here’s the interesting stuff that we’ve pulled directly from the Pioneer DJ press release:

  • Slide FX: Dynamically control your chosen pad effect in rekordbox dj, or a combination of effects in Serato DJ Pro, by touching the Slide FX strips and moving your finger up and down. 
  • Serato DJ Pro’s first-ever 16-pad modes: The DDJ-XP2 introduces Serato DJ Pro’s first ever pad modes that support 16 pads per deck. These modes assign eight pads each to two different features, e.g. Hot Cue mode and Sampler mode, so you can trigger Hot Cues and samples at the same time, without switching modes. The other new modes expand the creative possibilities of powerful features such as Pitch Play, which you can now use to trigger cue points in twice as many semitones as before (Pitch ‘n Time DJ Expansion Pack required – available separately).

    Here’s the modes for Serato DJ Pro:
    • PAD MODE 1: Hot Cue mode and Sampler mode
    • PAD MODE 2: Auto Loop mode
    • PAD MODE 3: Slicer mode and Sampler mode
    • PAD MODE 4: Saved Loop mode and Manual Loop mode
    • PAD MODE 5: Pitch Play mode
    • PAD MODE 6: Roll mode
    • PAD MODE 7: Slicer Loop mode and Sampler mode
    • PAD MODE 8: Transport mode and Beatgrid Edit mode
  • Support for new Transport mode in rekordbox dj: The Transport mode in Serato DJ Pro, also now accessible in rekordbox dj, enables you to use the pads on the DDJ-XP2 as Transport controls for your music. Play, pause, cue, pitch up/down tracks, and more. 
  • Support for new Silent Cue in Serato DJ Pro: If you’re using rekordbox dvs (license key included) or Serato DJ Pro, switch on Silent Cue and the deck will be muted. This means you can silently cue up tracks with the faders open on the mixer and drop them into your mix instantly by hitting a Hot Cue – there’s no need to touch the faders. And, if you’re using rekordbox dvs or Serato DVS (Expansion Pack available separately) with turntables, switch on Silent Cue and the music will restart instantly when you press Hot Cue on a muted deck. This avoids the sound of the music speeding up as the turntable starts to spin. Simply choose a Hot Cue, then hit play on the deck and it will sound the same as hitting a Cue on a DJ player.
  • Other features
    • Loop section from the DJM-S9 – feel at home when using the looping controls
    • Bus power via USB no need to plug into an outlet
    • Includes rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs licenses – worth a combined $229
    • Kensington lock – keep your controller secure

The DDJ-XP2 is set to be released early this month (October). We’re already taking pre-orders in the DJTT store here for $299 – which includes rekordbox dj and dvs licenses.

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