Beatsource (Beatport for Open Format DJs) Officially Launches Into Beta

We covered the rebirth of Beatsource earlier this year, and now the music store has launched into beta. Beatsource is designed specifically for open format DJs who regularly play hip hop, top 40/pop, latin, dancehall and other similar genres.

Beatsource: A Three Stage Launch

What’s launched this week is is the first of three stages lined up for the Beatsource store. This first stage is simply a music download store with lots of curated playlists and genres. It’s connected with Beatport’s user database, so if you’ve already got an account, you can log in with the same credentials and immediately start buying tracks.

Most tracks are $1.29 for 320 MP3s, but if you want lossless AIFF or WAV, you’ll pay 75¢ extra. Right now there’s tons of Beatsource staff curated playlists that give you a good idea of the type of content you can expect:

According to support articles on their store, new music is being actively added from label partners by the Beatsource staff:

We are processing the music libraries that contain tens of thousands of tracks that have been delivered by your favorite labels from the majors to the coolest indies. If you do not see something that you are looking for, we can assure you that it will be there in the coming days or weeks as we continue to publish new content hourly.
Here are a few of our label partners:

What’s Next: Streaming and Promo

The next two stages are where the platform gets really interesting. For now, we haven’t heard specific launch dates – but here’s what they entail:

  • Beatsource LINK (streaming the entire library into DJ softwares) is phase two. We expect this will be very similar to the experience that already exists with Beatport LINK which allows DJs to stream most of the Beatport library into DJ softwares – right now, just Virtual DJ 2020 and rekordbox dj.
  • Beatsource PROMO (a subscription record pool) is phase three. This is the unification of popular digital record pool DJcity’s content (special promo edits, exclusive releases, etc) into the Beatsource platform.

We’ll continue to follow the launch of Beatsource here on DJTT as it unfolds – let us know your thoughts and questions in the comments below!

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