Virtual DJ 2021 released, adds dynamic stems / signal separation mixing

Who would have thought two different DJ softwares would release the ability to isolate parts of a track on the fly on the exact same day? Today, Atomix Productions has released Virtual DJ 2021, with a signal separation functionality that allows DJs to “de-mix” finished tracks into the individual components. They join Algoriddim, who announced the same functionality in djay Pro today.

As is often the case, Virtual DJ seems to have taken this functionality to the max and implemented multiple options for their users to implement it.

First, they’ve implemented multiple types of advanced EQs for applying the function to different types of control setups. See the looped image above, which shows the different functions. Atomix actually recommends using a 4-deck MIDI mixer to control the function, “This way, you can keep the traditional frequency-based equalizers on the central decks, and use the eq knobs of the outer decks 3 & 4 when they are not loaded, in order to control the stem-based EQs.”

They’ve also implemented a new Pad Mode – so if you’re using a DJ controller with just two channels, or don’t have a mixer that sends MIDI, you can still use pads to “quickly kill or isolate the stems”

One note: this seems to be a bit of a black box powered by “powerful advanced mathematics”, so we’re not exactly sure how the signal separation is being controlled, if it’s adaptive, or pretty much any specifics of the engine behind it. We’re hoping to learn more – and excited to put it through our own tests.

The new version of Virtual DJ 2021 is out now and is a free update for existing license holders – or alternately has an $19/month subscription option.

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