djay Pro AI: A new update to Algoriddim’s app allows DJs to filter out drums, harmonies, and vocals

Signal separation has been the dream for years: the ability to take a finished track and split it down to the individual stems dynamically, on the fly. Today, Algoriddim has announced djay Pro AI – their new Neural Mix™ technology that allows DJs to isolate beats, instrumentals, and vocals in real time.

Neural Mix™ AI Integration & Smart Mixing

This comes as an update to their original djay iOS app, integrating a new level of artificial intelligence-based, real-time music separation with the Neural Mix™ technology. It allows you to isolate, layer and swap stems within a track – for example, layering vocals from one track to another, swapping harmonies, or isolating drums. This style of stem-based mixing already was familiar to anyone who gave Native Instruments’ Stems a shot, but now you can apply it to any track.

Neural Mix™ processes millions of audio frames per second through deep, convolutional networks using the Apple Bionic chip, as well as renders high-resolution waveforms and video with real-time music playback.

The Neural Mix™ at work on the iPhone app.

According to Karim Morsy, Algoriddim’s CEO:

“From the analog to the digital age, transformations in DJ technology have had a profound impact on music styles and genres as a whole. Neural Mix is a major paradigm shift. Inspired by the auditory system of the human brain, it changes the way we conceive and mix music. It allows artists of all skill levels to experience and interact with music at an unprecedented depth.

The Automix AI feature within the app is also capable of identifying patterns within your tracks and finding the best intro and outro sections within them, then automatically applying parameter changes to EQs and filters to make for smooth transitions between songs.

The base app, djay, is available for free download via Apple’s App Store. You can upgrade to djay Pro AI – which comes with access to Neural Mix™, along with a library of tools including loops, sounds, and visuals, with an in-app purchase. It runs on a subscription base, so expect to spend $4.99 / €4.99 / £4.49 per month.

Apple users only: processing is run by Apple’s Bionic chip

One key component of this release is that it runs on iOS devices using that Apple A12Z Bionic chip, which is only available in newer iOS devices. the chip first appeared in the iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X that first appeared back in 2017, so anything older will not be able to run djay Pro AI. This does limit their audience, as producers using any Windows program or older iOS devices will not be able to access the AI integration.

It’s worth pointing out that the rest of Apple’s devices may not be far behind their new iPhones that use the Apple Bionic chip – they are expected to replace their Mac computer chips (which currently use Intel chips) with the Bionic likely in early 2021.

Algoriddim has released a second video as well that walks through the specifics of how Neural Mix works:

Signal Separation – is it the new EQ?

Back in 2018, we predicted that future DJ software would “‘Demix’ Finished Tracks Into Playable Stems” as signal/source separation algorithms got better and better. Now, it seems the time has come, and that DJ softwares will start an arms race to have the best performing signal separation engine.

Editor’s update: a few minutes after we got the press release for this feature, we found out that Virtual DJ 2021 was also being released with their own signal separation EQ – read more here.

There are some amazing questions that come out of this technology: how will this impact copyright? How will it change how DJs mix? Will we ever see it integrated into a hardware product? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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