Video of the new Vestax gear

Dj Tech Tools shot video on all of the controllers from NAMM so as I get them edited they will get posted. Do you think we should do all the rest in one big “NAMM 2008 controllers” video or give each one its own video?

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  • ignis

    Each one its own, please : )

    Ean, great site by the way!

  • Dudu P

    Ean, you’re the only hope Vestax has at this moment. They’re going nuts!

    I don’t know their business plans, but I would easily drop the development of one of these controllers and buy one of these small companies which are doing software alternatives to Traktor, like the DJ Decks guys.

    They need to realize that shooting at every goddamn software in the market will leave them lost in the woods. As a product and business developer, I know how it’s complicated to take on long roads depending on other’s roadmaps. You must have control on the decisions made, and one subtle change like the FX assignments on Traktor 3.3 can leave users in trouble remapping stuff.

    I would loved VCI-300 if it were targeted to another software. What made me buy the VCI-100 was its perfect fit for Traktor 3 out of the box.

    What made me sell it was this stance that Vestax is taking. It is clear to me that they’re minding their core business, which is to manufacture hardware.

    Problem is, digital controllers are useless without software. None of these products will be a hit. They might sell well, but the whole majority of their potential users aren’t ready to become midi mapping wizards. I myself don’t have the patience to do that (specially with creepy things like that Traktor midi mapping UI on that tiny and horrible options dialog). Even with Torq and Ableton, which are easy as hell to map midi controls, I don’t find myself remapping stuff. Most of the times I just want come to my place at night and spin tunes.

    I know a LOT of users which got shit scared when it comes to this. All they want is an out of the box experience.

    I hate to sound as an M-audio fanboy because it seems that every time I do comment here it seems to talk about the goddamn Xponent, but this NAMM is the weirder of all. We have lots of new wonderful controllers, but either they are expensive as hell, or they have some major drawback point in something that makes me want to wait more and stick to Xponent (or maybe the iDJ2, I don’t know) for now.

    But you know what is the worst of it all? I still don’t have that killer device which would make point to my old skool narrow minded vinyl friends and laugh at them. I believe lots of us here are waiting to do that. 🙂

    Again, thanks for the great coverage. We all know about your involvement with Vestax, and we all know that this is going to be some very good place to find true and professional coverage about their stuff more than other manufacturers, but this is what I would expect. So please, make the guys read our comments and show them your most deep insights.

    It’s going to be great for them, I sense they’re doing things with love, but they’re getting it. And if I were with them, I would hire you to lead a proper division to develop a controller freely based on your ideas — not just a modification of previously made controller. That’s the sort of what M-Audio did, and although they’re on some kind of inertia right now, I still believe in the potential of a dedicated team just thinking digital DJ products.

    Make those guys get on a arcade button controller style, for God’s sake! 😀

  • Jstyles

    Videos of each would be great! Hey Ean, i had a question about the VCI-300? will it be compatible with traktor 3 later on even if its not midi based? Also i wanted to say that i love how big the play/cue buttons are on the new 300 and i wish the vci-100 could’ve been like that. Do you think there’s a way to change the buttons on the 100? If not, im hoping that the 300 will be compatible with Traktor.

  • groovemixer

    I say each review on its own would be great!!! I’d love a review of the VCM-100, yeah I know I sound like a broken record. Can’t see the vid cuz I’m at work but hope this controller is on it!! Thx Ean!!

  • Chris

    One question…for the vci 100
    so we can transform the vci classic edition to the black or dekadance edition buying tuning options ?

  • Karlheinz Steppke

    to hell with the serato and ableton stuff, we want a fully functionaly vci for traktor!

    klassik killer kaz (the guy who was selling the black VCI-100s on ebay) told me that they have been “discontinued”.

    i just returned my silver vci thinking we would get a black one – i am losing my mind right now !!!!!!!